Digitalization in Integrated Industry

Digitalization will radically change society and the economy. This is particularly true for industrial development, production and sales.

The digitalization of Integrated Industry should be observed alongside this general trend towards digitalization, since much data initially needs to undergo digitalization to be available digitally. Digitalization is therefore an essential condition and driver of Integrated Industry in that it ensures holistic networking of business processes. It is a prerequisite for new value-added networks (both vertically and horizontally), new business models and service orientation. Without digitalization, the increasing complexity of production and individualization of customer requirements are not economically viable. Integrated analysis functions – such as the smart Power Network – capture and monitor energy data from machines and facilities. This makes new servicing and maintenance strategies possible. More cost-effective, efficient and flexible production, as well as a higher level of quality are also possible.

Without digitalization, the increasing complexity of production is not economically viable

The HARTING Technology Group is actively shaping the evolution to Integrated Industry and acting as a driver and partner for Industry 4.0. Solutions and components for Integrated Industry are demonstrated and tested in our own smart factory. HARTING understands how a smart factory works and which components and solutions are needed in Integrated Industry. The HARTING MICA fulfills a key function in digitalization. As an edge device, it is located exactly at the system boundary where production data is generated. With MICA, this data is digitized and transported, with smart connectivity, to the cloud. There, that data is used as valuable information for services such as energy management or predictive maintenance.

Intelligent connectors that can integrate more electronics are the key components of an Integrated Industry

With its connector portfolio, components and solutions, HARTING is predestined to digitize industrial manufacturing, service and maintenance functions. A requirement for a more versatile production process is powerful connections that can supply machine modules with data, signals, power and the relevant information. Intelligent connectors that can integrate more electronics are the key components of an Integrated Industry. HARTING's Han® connectors are perfect for this job. One example is the Han-Modular® Mini Switch. It offers additional versatility because of its quick replacement and expansion options. By adding switch functionality to a connector, the digitalization of production becomes even more modular and versatile.