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M23 System cabling

The perfect connection whenever you need to easily replace drive components.

HARTING's M23 cable assemblies enable compact and very robust connections and supplies for drive components that can carry the three industrial lifelines: data, signal and power. The user has many options to choose from the M23 inserts as well as a selection of different cable lengths. This provides complete application flexibility for use with drives in transport systems, packaging facilities or machine tools.

The pre-assembled moulded system cabling can be connected as a Plug & Play solution. It simplifies installation, is tamper-proof and, thanks to its narrow size, is optimally designed for the alignment of multiple connectors side-by-side.

The sheathing material for the cable can be either PUR or PVC, depending on your application. The full-metal housing offers outstanding EMC resistance and protection against dirt and liquids (IP67).

Pre-assembled and directly usable: HARTING's M23 system cabling
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