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Connector selection can improve energy efficiency by up to 50%

HARTING connectors can improve your power usage efficiency (PUE) through minimising the power lost in your connections. Learn how!

The worldwide data centre market is experiencing explosive growth year over year. The last few years especially have accelerated society’s reliance on tasks that require a data centre. With this growth in data centre usage, the amount of energy needed to support data centres is consistently increasing and comprises a significant share of the worldwide electricity demand. In parallel, decarbonisation and the future of energy are topics on everyone’s mind, including data centre operators, manufacturers, and suppliers. Therefore, it's essential we increase the energy efficiency of our current consumption.

Our White Paper will show you how HARTING connectors can improve your Power Usage Efficiency (PUE) through minimising the power lost in your connections. Our analysis shows how data centres can save 50% of energy compared to other connectors and optimise the Total Costs Of Ownership (TCO).

Power is critical

Operating a data centre undeniably has its challenges. It is well known from the manufacturing sector, that any down-time can cause significant losses in profits. Such a scenario for a data centre owner or operator is an even bigger nightmare.

Data centre outages can happen due to various reasons such as critical weather conditions, network failures, human errors, software issues, but also due to power infrastructure problems created inside the data centre from either generator, UPS or PDU failures. Understandably for a hyperscale operator this risk should be minimised to zero.

Total data centre operating expenses (OPEX)

The best answer today is the strategic investment and management of every single part of the so-called critical infrastructure in the data centre. Power is one of the key factors to manage. IDC reports that energy consumption per server is growing by around 9% per year globally, on the one hand the servers are getting more compact to save installation space, and on the other hand their performance increase raises their energy requirement. The costs of this energy consumption can be more than 50% of the total data centre operating expenses (OPEX).

Yearly electricity cost savings up to 95,000 €

To calculate the exact effect of power usage from using connectors in data centres, the HARTING Technology Group has measured the power consumption of three different connector solutions in its independently accredited test laboratory.

Previously, so-called CEE (IEC 60309) type plugs were commonly used for connecting power in data centres. At the same time, the HARTING Technology Group introduced a new connector concept to its partners in the data centre market with a wide range of benefits. One of the connectors tested was this new concept, the HARTING Han-Eco® connector. The other two tested were the CEE plugs from different manufacturers.

HARTING Han-Eco® connector (6 + PE) compared to CEE plug (5+PE)
Typical data centre application equipped with a HARTING Han-Eco® connector

As we know, the PUE can be improved by using advanced connectivity in the power chain in data centres. The HARTING Han-Eco® connector uses up to 50% less energy compared to the traditional CEE plug solutions leading to yearly savings for the operator in OPEX up to 95,000 €.

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White Paper "Connector selection can improve energy efficiency by up to 50%"

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