Industrial automation is becoming an integral part of IT

Ethernet is the communication system (or more accurately, communication platform) of the future and will continue to gain significance as data rates increase. This key industrial technology is already being used for almost every automation segment. HARTING supplies the entire connection technology for this platform.

In order to fully exploit the potential of a modern Ethernet-based network infrastructure for Industry 4.0, three factors are required: a standardized communication platform; robust and industry-compatible network products (such as switches and cabling); and standards ensuring compatibility between automation technology and information technology as well as between the hardware and software used for the data networking solutions.

The third edition of ISO/IEC 11801 now combines the standards for structured cabling in various applications, such as office and industrial environments, data centers and building services. The new industry standard ISO/IEC 11801-3 provides the normative basis for isolated automation islands to become an integral part of a corporate network.

HARTING has developed a cabling and connection system to help users implement consistent industrial cabling solutions. The Ha-VIS preLink® termination block is at the heart of the system: it can be safely and faultlessly wired in one step using our preLink® assembly tool. All components feature IP20 or IP65/67 protection.

preLink® termination block

For consistent end-to-end connections between the factory and the office, our easy-to-swap connectors, sockets and connectivity components can be used for a wide range of device and fieldbus interfaces in M12 or RJ45 technology.