M17 Circular Connectors

Drives in industrial applications are continuously becoming smaller and more efficient.

The necessary energy consumption and current consumption are falling, and cross-sections for cables and connector contacts can also be reduced. This development needs new solution in connectivity. While connectors in the M23 size are currently a kind of quasi-standard for drives, they are at the same time designed to be unnecessarily large in drives that are becoming smaller. In order to make material usage and space requirements in connection technology suitable for the application again, HARTING is presenting circular connectors in size M17 at the SPS Nuremberg.

With a power transmission of up to 7.5kW and the increased efficiency of modern drives, the use of an M17 interface offers clear savings potential. With different coding combinations of signal, power and PE, almost all applications for modern drives can be covered.

Facts and technical details

  • Signal: 12 , 17 poles
  • Power: 3+PE, 5+3+PE
  • Power transmission up to 7.5 kW 
  • har-lock quick locking without tools
  • EMC protection thanks to robust metal housing
  • Temp: -40 to 125°
  • IP 66/67


  • Shock IEC 60512-6-3
  • Vibration IEC 60068-2-6
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