Han® Push-In family extended by monobloc insert

Following on from the market launch of modular push-in inserts this spring, the next expansion stage has now been ushered in: HARTING is expanding its portfolio with a first monoblock variant for the Han®-Compact housing. Thanks to the use of push-in technology, the new Han® Q 8/0 insert enables up to 30 % faster field assembly of connectors. This makes it particularly suitable for environments where space for installation work is at a premium.

Push-in technology is a further development of the cage-clamp. As it makes connection as simple as possible, these inserts are particularly suitable for field assembly, for example in power engineering systems or in the assembly of machine modules or production lines.

The handling of components, for example during maintenance work, is also facilitated. What’s more, a special tool is available for quick disassembly. If wires with wire end ferrules have been opted for, connections via push-in technology are entirely tool-free.

Thanks to push-in technology, stranded wires with wire-end ferrules can be connected in the Han® Q Monoblock – entirely tool-free.

The use of push-in connections enables stranded wires fitted with wire end ferrules to be inserted directly into the contact chambers. An internal clamping spring snaps shut when the sleeve reaches the bottom of the chamber, thereby ensuring tensile strength. In the case of applications with stripped stranded wires (without sleeve), the pressure of a screwdriver on the orange actuator is sufficient to hold the cage-clamp open when inserting the cable ends.

Thanks to the Han® Q with push-in technology, power and signals up to 16 A / 500 V can be transmitted in the most compact of spaces. A contact chamber is available for the protective ground conductor (PE) - a type of layout frequently opted for in mechanical engineering for connecting motors/actuators.

Han® Push-In - Quick and intuitive field termination technology