The perfect duo for Ethernet networking in railway technology

Using our preLink® system and Ha-VIS EtherRail® cables (specially designed for railway requirements), data networks in railway technology can be reliably constructed to ensure long-term success.

The trend towards digitalisation is just as influential for railways, and especially rail passenger transport, as it is for all other aspects of life. Passenger information systems for transmitting audio and video signals are now standard on most trains. More and more travellers are starting to expect high-performance infotainment systems with internet access. In addition to these comfort systems, there are, of course, the communication and control mechanisms that are also required for operation. Railway operators must therefore expand their transmission capacities and adapt their existing rolling stock to these changing user requirements.

A safe investment in versatile connection technology

With our preLink® installation system and Ha-VIS EtherRail® cables specially designed for railway applications, these data networks can be constructed quickly and safely so that you can be ensured of their long-term success. The main strategy of ​​the preLink® technology is the separation of the cable connection and mating face. A cable termination block forms the system's heart. Here, the individual wires are inserted in a defined manner and reliably connected using assembly pliers.

The small size of the contact block makes it possible to prefabricate and prepare the data cable outside the railcar before it is installed. Depending on the particular network device being connected, the preLink® termination block can then be snapped onto various optional preLink® mating faces. There are RJ45-, M12 D- or X-coded connectors and sockets in protection classes IP20 and IP67 available for this purpose. An extender and a PCB socket are also available.

This unique variety of mating faces, all using the same termination technique, helps to reduce your planning and storage costs, as well as the installation time and error frequency. It offers outstanding versatility and investment security; this is especially relevant for the long periods of use typical in railway applications.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • The use of pre-assembled cable lines saves time
  • A cost-optimised cabling solution
  • Assembly process is completely safe and reliable