Han-Yellock® – flexible interfaces for injection moulding machines

In order to meet the high requirements for injection-moulded parts and to let the surfaces of these parts receive a pleasant finish, the relevant components must always be properly tempered during manufacturing. Temperature control is provided by devices that use heat transfer fluids in order to heat up or cool down the die-cast, plastic injection or rubber injection moulds as required.

Temperature control unit bring die cast, plastic or rubber injection moulds to the required operating temperature, and keep this temperature constant by using heat transfer liquids.

Optimised temperature control requires signal and bus communication, the data from temperature sensors as well as sufficient power. Using these industrial lifelines, the systems control valves, vary the temperature of heat transfer fluids and control process temperatures. For a reliable design of interfaces transmitting the required data/signals as well as power, the industrial connector Han-Yellock® is an ideal solution.

It offers sufficient space e.g. for the Han E® and Han® CC Protected power modules. With ratings of up to 40 A/830 V, these connectors provide sufficient reserves for an efficient heat transfer fluid use. In addition, the Han® CC Protected module is finger safe, i.e. improves the operator’s safety when mating or unmating the connector.

Temperatures are recorded by sensors that use iron constantan wiring; a combination of materials that generates particularly accurate measurement results. Han E® contacts according to DIN IEC 584, type J, come particularly close to that composition of materials, which is why they allow only extremely small temperature deviations when transmitting the measurement data. The Han® DD module is used to transfer signals between the machine and the tempering unit in order to bi-directionally exchange data and control commands between participants.

It is a benefit that no tools are needed for the assembly of the connectors. The modules snap into the Han-Yellock® adapter frame and form a modular insulating block. Integrating the connectors of the Han-Modular® series, Han-Yellock® allows a modular design integrating various insulation bodies with a wide range of electrical options. The aim is to insert all required interfaces into one plug-in connection as well as to enable quick mating and unmating processes, when it comes to maintenance or replacement of the tempering units.

HARTING components used:
Han-Yellock® – one system, many functions – with Han-Modular®

Han-Yellock® is a tailored range of enclosures, single insulators and inserts providing functionalities such as contact bridges. The aim is to minimise the required amount of interfaces, enabling an easy handling and attractive design.

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