Arrive safely at your destination – with the DIN 41612 train control module

Solutions for railway applications are always subject to particularly hard conditions like vibrations, heat and cold. This also applies to the connection technology for train control modules. For this case, HARTING has developed a unique full metal housing made of die-cast zinc.

The housing is used with the approved standard F and MH crimp connectors in accordance with DIN 41 612; these are fastened to the housing without the use of screws. The labyrinth design of the housing safely protects it against electromagnetic influences. A crimping insert that can be mounted in the cable entry together with all known crimp flanges from the InduCom 9 housing line is also available.

The die-cast zinc housing in labyrinth design provides perfect EMC protection.

These configurations guarantee an electric connection to the cable shielding and therefore an uninterrupted homogeneous shielding of the housing. This ensures absolute signal integrity in the train control units.

Because the housing should be not only be rugged but also easy to mount, all fixing screws for the housing assembly are on the side of the housing. Thus, the housing does not have to be turned over during assembly. The captive screws (which make it possible to fit the connector together before the final assembly of the housing) are already fastened to the housing. The unassigned cable entries are covered with flexible metal plates which are easy to assemble and remain securely in place thanks to the mechanical tension. The shielding and the housing are connected to a metal plate where only a grub screw is required for assembly. Moreover, the housing is designed so that the cable can be fixed in the housing with a standard cable fastener. This provides a simple and cost-effective assembly option.