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Han® ES Press Terminal Block Jumper - Rapid termination technology and integrated plug-in jumpers

What is an Industrial Terminal Block Jumper?

An industrial terminal block jumper is a technique for bridging contacts together in a connector.  This means power can be distributed across multiple pins using a single wire, simplifying termination and saving time. The Han® ES Press enables rapid cage clamp termination and optional plug-in jumpers for the quickest termination possible. 

In order to increase the flexibility of modular manufacturing a connector must offer rapid installation, effortless exchange, and simple troubleshooting. HARTING fulfils these requirements with the Han® ES Press. The insert offers now a tool-less rapid termination technology. In addition, users can quickly and easily bridge contacts by placing integrated plug-in jumpers directly at the connector.

Rapid termination technology and integrated plug-in jumpers

Cutting installation time by up to 50%

The tool-less rapid termination technology of the Han® ES Press is based on the proven cage clamp, and is consequently reliable and vibration-proof. Profit from faster termination times during series production wiring while still retaining the full functionality in field installation. No matter whether you use stranded wires with or without ferrules - you will reduce the installation time by up to 50% compared to other termination technologies!

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Direct use of integrated plug-in jumpers at the connector

In the past, additional components or complex cable assemblies were needed to bridge contacts, but now, for the first time, terminal block jumpers can be used directly on the insulation body. Various longitudinal and transverse bridges ensure reductions in space and time and also allow star and delta circuits in addition to potential multiplication, e.g., to connect sensors.

Simplified troubleshooting in mounted state

The Han® ES Press features a compact design and construction that makes circuit troubleshooting child's play. The measurement point that is integrated into the opening of the integrated plug-in jumpers is easy to access when the connector is mounted and allows measurements of the operating states. Wiring errors and defective components can be found more quickly.

Mating compatible with existing series

The same mating faces and technical characteristics make the Han® ES Press compatible with the proven HARTING products that are setting the standard around the world: Han E®, Han® ES and Han® ESS series. The HARTING Han® ES Press is available in the models 6, 10, 16 and 24 for the housing sizes Han® 6 B, 10 B, 16 B and 24 B.

Han® ES Press in the eCatalogue

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Han® ES Press in the eCatalogue