Pre-assembled cabling solutions speed up installations

Fast, simple and safe

Driven by online commerce, decentralised inventory management and changing expectations regarding the availability of products, the need for new storage and distribution centres is also continuously developing. Optimising construction time and reducing installation effort also contribute significantly to the successful start of a logistics centre.

Modular conveyor technology in a logistics centre: the HARTING European Distribution Centre

Modular conveyor technology enables installation times to be optimised while offering the necessary flexibility for project changes even after commissioning. Enlarging the logistics centre and expanding conveyor systems does not require a fundamental rebuild of the infrastructure.

Advancing digitalisation and modularisation is resulting in an ever stronger trend towards decentralised drive technology. Decentralised drive concepts offer numerous advantages, particularly in expansive facilities and in modular or even mobile systems. Quick, easy commissioning plays a decisive role as well. Modular cabling strategies for connecting devices to power, data and signal supplies are the ideal supplement.

Initial commissioning is easier

Initial commissioning is simplified considerably when you use cables that are pre-assembled according to customer requirements, optimally configured for modular conveyor technology, and adapted to the ambient conditions. The actual devices or drive manufacturers that you are using are not relevant. At the end of the day, the only thing that counts during the commissioning is that the correct plugs match each other and the cables have the proper length. Fast, simple and safe.

The Han-Compact® connector is used almost as a standard for the fields of power supply and distribution. It is used both as an EMC variant with metal housings and shielded cables, and as a robust plastic version. Depending on the application, the proven Han® connectors in various sizes and different conductor cross-sections can be used for motor cabling. The use of pre-assembled cables enables the manufacturers of modular conveyor technology to carry out the complete mechanical construction as well as the electrical testing, before the commissioning in the field.

Pre-assembled motor cabling with Han® connectors
Pre-assembled cabling with Han-Compact®

The topic isn’t limited to the design of HARTING cabling for sensors and actuators. Here, customers can fall back on a wide portfolio of pre-assembled M8 or M12 cables in various codings and configurations.

Sensor actuator box with M12 cabling
M8 and M12 system cables