Miniaturisation in Integrated Industry

The Internet of Things is growing and expanding to include new smaller units. Intelligence is shifting into the process because high-functioning devices are getting smaller and smaller.

For example, there are sensors that process data and provide information to other services such as condition monitoring. Even machines are becoming more compact and complex, as they evolve towards Integrated Industry. Software has long been an integral part of this functionality. The production processes are also more efficient, more modularized and more versatile as they take on the custom-tailored production of customized products. New and additional functions of individual devices are being bundled in smart devices. This reduces the installation space in electrical cabinets.

This trend towards miniaturisation at all levels must be implemented in the connectors, components and solutions, in terms of dimension, design, weight, use, usability and handling. They need to be more powerful and robust, while including the most capabilities possible. Accordingly, the HARTING Technology Group has expanded its portfolio, offering users superb freedom of design and even more utility.

HARTING has miniaturised PCB board termination technology and introduced new Ethernet connectors which are smaller, more robust, and more powerful. The conventional RJ45 connector, which is too large for many applications, has been replaced by HARTING's ix Industrial®, a smaller solution which sets a new standard for Ethernet connections. With a 70 percent smaller design and at least 5,000 mating cycles, HARTING's ix Industrial® is perfect for smaller devices such as displays and flat-panel mobile devices. It has the potential to become the future IP20 standard connector for end-to-end Ethernet, from the cloud to the smallest field device.

The T1 and M8 D-coded connectors are new additions to HARTING's product portfolio. The T1 is currently driving technical developments in the field of single-bit Gbit Ethernet. The M8 D-coded, which complies with IP65/67, provides Fast Ethernet (even to very small applications), thus eliminating the last blank spots on the Ethernet map. Our series of new miniaturised connectors also includes the M12 Power in L-coding, which creates a new standard for miniaturised power supplies. With significantly smaller dimensions than the previous 7/8" size, it ensures that power is supplied to devices via miniaturised interfaces. This is a successful and sensible support for the trend towards device connectivity miniaturisation.