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Cabling for decentralized power supply

Customized solutions from a single source

Switchgear and facility construction requires modular and versatile systems. It is effective here to decentralize the system components. This facilitates maintenance work and enables the systems to be expanded easily. However, thus far the power supply has been a hurdle on the path towards consistent decentralization. Additional functions, such as selective power distribution, fuse protection and condition monitoring, are also more in the focus now.

PULS GmbH, with around 1,300 employees worldwide, specialises in the large-scale production of power supplies. For the decentralised PULS FIEPOS switched-mode power supplies, HARTING offers a matching portfolio of prefabricated cabling solutions that ensure the power supply is versatile, modular and decentralized.

Close cooperation during product development

HARTING's diverse range of connectors includes interfaces for transmitting signals and power. These pre-assembled and tested connectors are suitable for single-phase and three-phase power supplies, DC power output, as well as signal and communication transmissions. HARTING also offers cable-side connectors as a connector set for on-site assembly.

The cooperation between HARTING and PULS has resulted in the joint discovery and efficient implementation of a customer-specific solution based on the customer's requirements and problems. Close cooperation – already during product development – is the foundation for the successful development of a suitable connector configuration.

PULS switched-mode power supply for supplying decentralized power using a HARTING cabling solution.

AC power input

The pre-assembled Han-Compact® connectors and various round connectors are available for single-phase and three-phase feed-in (AC power input). Depending on the FIEPOS variant, Han® Q4/2, Han® Q 5/0, M12 S-coded and 7/8" cable assemblies are available.

DC power output

The cable assemblies with Han® Q4/0, Han® Q2/0, M12 L-coded and various 7/8" variants are used for the DC power output.

Signal and communication transmissions, condition monitoring

The M12 A-coded circular connector is used for signal and communication transmissions as well as condition monitoring. M12 A-coded cable assemblies are part of our customized cable program for the FIEPOS project.