Data, Signal and Power - The Lifelines of Robotics

The secure transmission of data, signals and power in all capacity ranges is one of the basic requirements for industrial applications. For robotics, HARTING consistently implements these requirements with its modular system of versatile PushPull connectors. Quickly connecting data, signal and power – these are the lifelines of every robot.

Variant 14 of our PushPull connector is the preferred choice for power and data transmissions in the field of decentralized automation, in accordance with the guidelines of the Profibus User Organization (PNO) and the automation initiative of the German automobile manufacturers (AIDA). For highly automated carbody factories, there are a variety of tool applications that are used in the production robots (e.g. for the joining technology, handling applications and sensor/imaging components). Despite all the standards currently defined for data transmissions, there is still a need for customized signal and data communications.

In addition to power and standard communications, the transmission of analogue, digital, bus and low-voltage signals for control purposes must be ensured. In this application environment, all connections used must overcome special challenges. Thus, HARTING has enclosed the PushPull Variant 14 with a sturdy die-cast zinc housing, which is EMC-proof and can also resist welding beads during carbody construction.

PushPull in variant 14 with Fiber Optics

The HARTING PushPull Signal has ten contacts that transmit rated currents of 5 A for conductor cross-sections up to 0.75 mm². To ensure EMC immunity, the contact inserts and RJ45 data connectors are completely shielded, making it possible for shielded cables to be connected. Thanks to the PushPull locking mechanism, the plug-in process is safe and intuitive. A correctly secured plugged-in connection is indicated by an acoustic click. The key is being able to easily connect wires in the field. The PushPull Signal connector is delivered pre-assembled so that the number of individual parts is minimized for the user. In order to prepare the connector for the connection, the individual crimp contacts must be inserted into the pre-assembled insulation body. By simply pressing down the insulation body, the body snaps into its final position and thereby fixes the crimp contacts into their proper position. Errors made during this assembly can easily be corrected, even after the insulation body has been assembled. The use of factory pre-assembled system cables, available in various lengths, reduces the amount of work required on-site.

The power lifeline is ensured by the PushPull Power L. No machine or robot can run without a power supply. In order to establish this connection quickly and safely for the application, for the variants 4 and 14 the big brother Power L is available. It can handle up to 16 A at 24 volts, and so is able to provide power-hungry applications with sufficient power.

PushPull variant 14 with power supply

PushPull can be used in its SCRJ variant (with optical contacts) when it is necessary to transmit Ethernet over long distances or to bring Ethernet to machines that produce strong electromagnetic fields due to high power consumption. These may be optical glass fiber (GOF) or plastic fiber (POF).

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