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Solution for energy storage

Ready-made connection cables speed up the construction of energy storage systems in data centers.

It is very important that a constant energy distribution is available for supplying critical electrical equipment in a data center. The large-scale expansion of additional data storage capacity has led to a massive increase in energy demand.

Modular storage units

In a data center, there are often modular battery storage systems that support the emergency power supply for critical electrical equipment. These battery storage systems usually consist of several storage cabinets that are modularly combined into containers which contain storage units in the form of drawers inside.

Modular battery storage cabinet with cabling solutions.

Connector solution for front mounting

Ready-made connection cables speed up the construction of energy storage systems in data centers. With its Han S® series, HARTING offers secure connection technology for modular battery storage systems. The Han® S is a connector solution for front mounting energy storage modules. For such cases, the connectors can be delivered pre-assembled with the cables, depending on customer specifications.

The compact and flexible housings accommodate contacts for currents up to 200 A and 1500 V. The series’ bulkhead housings can be flexibly rotated through 360 degrees, and the locking of hoods and housings, male and female contacts is intuitive. The locking together of the male and female housings is intuitive..

The connector Han® S: Red represents the positive pole and black represents the negative pole.

"Blind" pluggable connections make energy systems more efficient

In most cases, it is not possible to use connectors in energy storage systems without problems. Their use is problematic where there is no direct visibility of the interfaces or when access is restricted for safety reasons.

For these cases in particular, HARTING has developed accessories that automatically guide both sides of a connector into the correct position for "blind" mating. Here, the Han-Modular® docking frame enables connectors to be connected directly with the help of mounting plates that can be attached to the wall cut-out of a control cabinet. This frame provides room for customized configurations with modular connectors. This means that drawer systems for energy storage systems can be installed quickly and easily.

Modular connectors in a Han-Modular® docking frame: helping drawer systems to be installed quickly and easily.

"Blind" pluggable connections make energy systems more efficient

Safe plug-in connections for modular battery storage

Docking connector with test position for energy distribution