New connectivity solutions for harsh environments

Visitors at the 2023 SPS trade show can experience how HARTING connectivity can be used easily and safely even in harsh environments. In addition to the expansion of HARTING's range of stainless steel housings in the Han-INOX® series, the Technology Group will be presenting the new IP65/67 variant of the Han® docking frame for safe connections without visual contact. The IP67 portfolio is rounded off by the new IP67 SPE Ethernet Switch for secure data transmission in harsh environments.

Han-INOX® stainless steel housings protect against corrosion and aggressive substances

The Han-INOX® connector series featuring stainless steel housings is now completely available in Han® B format. The corresponding bulkhead mounted housings and hoods, with top or side cable entry as well as with protection cover, are available in the sizes Han® 6 B to 24 B.

The use of Han-INOX® is sustainable: thanks to the durability of the housing material, the connectors are reliable partners withstanding adverse and harsh operating conditions. The installation dimensions of the established Han® B and Han® 3 A sizes facilitates upgrading installations to the most robust industrial connectors.

Stainless steel hood and housing Han-INOX®

Given the full compatibility with the inserts of the Han® and Han-Modular® series, users maintain the necessary flexibility, e.g. for combinations with existing machine modules. Han-INOX® is predestined for applications in the food and beverage industry, as in scenarios involving packaging machines, for example. In addition, stainless steel connectors are often in demand in the energy sector. Moreover, their strengths are advantageous in scenarios involving new hydrogen-based generation technologies. The series also offers elegant solutions in transferring larger machines from "typical" industrial environments to harsher, more demanding ambient conditions.

Han® docking frame for flexible IP65/67 protected machine connections

HARTING is expanding its range of docking frames with IP65/67 protected solutions available in the standard sizes for industrial connectors (6B to 24B). This allows machine modules as well as tools to be docked automatically – and entirely tool-free. A plug-in process or even hard wiring including cables can be dispensed with "blind mating" option.

A floating side of the docking frame as well as guiding elements provide the necessary flexibility and safety during the plugging process. When docked, the two halves of the housing form an interface.

The docking frame can compensate for a lateral offset of 1 mm, while there is a clearance of 1.5 mm for safe and secure mating in the axial direction. After execution, an IP65/67 protected connection is created between the seals on both sides. The IP65/67 docking frames can be used flexibly with Han® monoblocks and Han-Modular® modules.

The IP65/67 docking frame enables straight-forward, automatic connection of machine modules – also in environments with harsh and demanding ambient conditions.
Han® B IP 67 Docking frame for mobile battery charging

Complete, all-round protection of the interfaces is achieved with housings for rear mounting.

Ha-VIS eCon Ethernet Switches for robust Single Pair Ethernet (SPE)

HARTING has now launched the Ha-VIS eCon 4000 M12T1 SPE, a Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) switch with IP67 protection. The robust metal housing stands up to the adversities of harsh outdoor environments (tested for rail vehicles according to EN 50155) and enables secure data communication - also in challenging and demanding indoor industrial scenarios.

Transmission is protected against shock and vibration and is operational in a wide temperature range (-40 to +70 °C). The switch is extremely compact (191 x 60 x 42 mm), provides eight ports and comes in two different versions:

Ha-VIS eCon 4000 SPE switch featuring seven M12 T1 ports for the integration of SPE end devices in zones presenting harsh and challenging ambient conditions.
  1. The eCon 4017GBT-BXT features a Gigabit uplink to the Ethernet network (M12 X-coded) and integrates up to 7 SPE devices via 100BaseT1.
  2. The eCon 4035GBT-BXT has a Gigabit uplink, and provides five 100BaseT1 and two 1000BaseT1 ports as SPE interfaces.

The Ha-VIS eCon 4000 M12T1 switches are ideal for application scenarios in rail vehicles, general vehicles and automation. In zones with demanding ambient conditions, they secure data transmission via Ethernet: these include applications in production lines, camera-based quality assurance, in passenger and driver information systems, as well as in video surveillance and ticketing systems.