Reliable, Robust, Miniaturized Connectivity for Automation Devices

Automation Devices

HARTING connectors enable modular automation devices like vision systems, drives, motors, sensors and more.

HARTING's connectivity solutions are used to provide power, signal and data to automation devices.  Typically interface (I/O) and board connectors are used in Automation devices; however, small rectangular connectors, such as the Han® 1 A, are also common.  Our connectors support the major design needs of these type of application, including robustness, miniaturization, and higher data transfer rates.  Click on the applications below to explore our solutions for specific device types or jump to the recommended products, which will take you to our eCatalog. 



Below are common connectors used in automation devices. Clicking will take you to our online shop, where you can find information like product specs, 3D drawings, type sheets, videos, and info on distribution stock. 

High Data Transfer Rates
Automation is increasingly used in harsh environments. As a result, the components, especially external connectors need to be rated for the environment they operate in.
Automation devices are becoming smaller and often times the component size on the internal PCB can be limiting. Device manufacturers are now using connectors that are smaller or have additional functionalities integrated to produce a smaller device.
Automation devices are required to support ever-increasing data rates. Connectors must be rated to handle faster these speeds.
Hybrid Y-Code versions enable power and data in a single connection
M8 versions of A, B, and D codes saves 30% space compared to M12. Options with integrated magnetics saves board space.
Up to 10 Gbit/s
IP 65/IP67
Integrates magnetics directly into the connector reducing space needed on PCB.
Up to 10 Gbit/s
Latches ensure connection compared to standard RJ45
75% smaller than RJ45
up to 10 Gbit/s
M12 IP65 variant available
Power over Data Line (PoDL) enables one connection for power and data.
Up to 10 Gbit/s
Through-hole fixing ensure reliability in high vibration environments
Available in all pin counts from 6-100 for perfect fit

Frequently Asked Questions About Automation Devices

What are Automation devices?

HARTING defines Automation devices are the subcomponent systems that make machinery and equipment run.   In general terms, automation refers to technologies that reduce human involvement in running equipment and processes.  These devices reduce human intervention through predetermining decision criteria, subprocess relationships, and related actions.

In human terms, automation can be seen as the brain (PLCs), eyes (vision systems), arms (motors and drives), and other senses (sensors) of equipment.  

What does HARTING do for automation devices?

HARTING supplies electrical connectors and cable assemblies for automation devices. Our connectors are used on PCBs or as I/O connectors.