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Cory Jenkins
Director of Product Management for HARTING Inc. of North America

Why Manufacture Globally?

Choosing a partner that manufactures globally is critical for a stable and reliable supply chain.  The world can be unpredictable and an unplanned event, like a global pandemic, can have long-reaching effects on your ability to access the products you need. Choosing partners who manufacture globally offers additional stability for you.  This is because a company with manufacturing plants in multiple locations can reallocate resources quickly. HARTING has a long-term globalization strategy where all products are manufactured in multiple production plants to ensure secure and stable product availability.  

Global companies are also better able to structure their supply chain to the benefit of the customer.  For example, companies that manufacture globally can often avoid price increases caused by tariffs or shipping.

In addition, partners who manufacture in multiple regions are often better equipped to handle the customized needs of local customers.  This is because these facilities are attuned to the needs of the customers in their country.  For example, HARTING’s manufacturing plant in the US is equipped to customize connector products quickly and easily for local North, Central and South American customers.  

Benefits of Global Sourcing

  • Increased flexibility in creating custom parts 

  • Avoid additional costs caused by tariffs or shipping delays in customs

  • Ensure reliable, stable access to products 

HARTING'S Global Manufacturing Locations

HARTING has 13 production plants and 44 sales organizations worldwide to support global and local customers.  You can find all our locations here:

HARTING North American Manufacturing Facilities - USA and Mexico – The best of Both Worlds

Schneider Electric Partnership: 

Hear from Schneider Electric on how plug-and-play industrial connectors reduced data center installation time, increased reliability, and enabled global standardization.

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