Products & Solutions

HARTING Integrated Solutions

HARTING Integrated Solutions (HIS) facilities provide complete manufacturing services through the use of printed circuit board technology and advanced production equipment. 

HARTING services include both standard and customized backplane solutions, each one produced in our fully integrated manufacturing plant in Elgin, IL.  Prior to shipment, all products undergo comprehensive mechanical testing and electronic performance verification according to widely recognized industry standards and customer specifications


HARTING offers flexible manufacturing processes in the United States to allow for short project timelines and low quantity orders.

HARTING Integrated Solutions provides engineering, design and product development services unique in our industry for the creation of high-speed, high-performance backplanes.  The first step in our Advanced Design System is the use of Cadence Allegro software to design and generate a board model for simulation testing  at up to 40 GHz rates.  This modeling is a 3D Field Solver Software and other physical characteristics have a huge impact on performance.  We also simulate board layers and traces within a circuit simulation tool to see how they impact design. 

Signal Integrity

Measurements and Verifications

HARTING Integrated Solutions designs and builds high-speed backplanes that provide unsurpassed performance.  Before shipment, they undergo the most comprehensive set of test protocols available.  Our customers receive a complete data set on these products, including signal characteristics such as:

  • Broadband Digitizing Oscilloscope with differential TDR Module
  • Measurements with pulse ride times ≤28ps at the DUT (Device under Test)
  • 4-Port PLTS (Physical Layer Test System) with comprehensive software for post-processing of S-Parameter Data into Time Domain (Bandwidth: 40 GHz)
  • 12.5 Gbps BERT (Bit Error Rate Transfer) with Pattern Generator for Eye Diagram Analysis
  • Drill/Mill Plotter for PCB-Prototyping

Simulation/Modeling Equipment

These models are tested with the most advanced measurement equipment available to check for impedance matching, signal loss, and distortion.  HARTING's instrumentation capabilities include:

  • Propagation delay and skew
  • Impedance profile and rise time degradation
  • Eye-diagram and mask-test data
  • Bit-error rate test (BERT) information, up to 12.5 Gb/sec per differential line
  • S-parameter analysis, up to 40 GHz

Signal Integrity Verification

After the development of test cards and prototype backplanes, HARTING conducts high frequency measurements on components and complete systems.  Verification capabilities include:

  • Time and frequency domain characterization
  • Characteristic impedance
  • Reflection/standing wave ratio
  • Pulse signal rise and fall times
  • 4-Port S-parameter analysis
  • Return loss, attenuation, crosstalk
  • Eye-diagram - compliance tests with chip vendor evaluation modules


Environmental and other electromechanical test protocols determine a finished backplane's suitability for use in a wide range of applications.  The HARTING test spectrum includes:

  • Climate and environmental tests
  • Electromechanical testing: vibration and mechanical shock, material analysis and microscopic examinations, and insertion and removal forces
  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): Radiated and conducted

Manufacturing Capabilities

Soldering & Surface Mount

HARTING's equipment is able to handle large PCB’s up to 48” x 24” and allows rapid change-over times.  In-line inspections control costs and ensure quality.  Our processes are compatible with PIHIR (pin-in-hole-intrusive-reflow) assembly techniques.  Our vapor phase ovens allow perfect soldering of large backplanes with heavy power planes, large layer counts.

For some custom backplanes hand soldering is required.  We hand solder to IPC 610 class 3 (highest standard).  Our default solder is RoHS lead-free. Leaded hand soldering available to meet customer specific demands.


Press Fit - HARTING Presses

HARTING’s modern surface mount machines and assembly lines are designed to handle large, thick backplanes – up to 745mm (29”) x 610mm (24”) x 10mm (0.4”) thick. For maximum production efficiency, these machines are designed for fast set-up and changeover between different backplane assemblies.

HARTING’s automated presses for press-fit backplane components result in far more accurate and repeatable insertion compared to any manual method, even with conformal-coated boards. The result is higher reliability by reducing the chance of latent failures due to cracked barrels and temperature cycling.

Every connector insertion stroke on our presses is recorded for pin insertion depth and pressure. This can be observed on a graphical printout of the insertion cycle to verify the quality of press-fit joints. Three points are recorded:

  • Point A – Pin engagement in plated hole
  • Point B – Pin pressing through plated hole
  • Point C – Pressure reduction upon full insertion

Product Testing

Every custom assembly project is carefully planned, and each new product introduction is supervised by a team of experienced engineers and production operators. Process instruction sheets are compiled using step-by-step written and visual procedures to ensure continuity and quality of the build.

To maintain and improve assembler skills at the highest level, HIS retains an in-house staff of fully qualified IPC trainers. This part of our Continuous Improvement program is always looking for better ways to conduct operations, increase product performance, and ensure quality at the highest level. As a minimum, we make sure every aspect of your assembly meets the high standards of IPC 610, Class III.

In addition to having exceptional quality managers, HARTING Integrated Solutions fully complies to several bodies of standards including RoHS, ISO, AS9100C, ITAR.


HARTING is one of a select number of companies in the world with RoBAT testers. There is one in every HARTING Integrated Solutions facility. The RoBAT performs fully automated optical and electrical inspections on both sides of a completed backplane. It is used for backplanes with high component counts and large pin fields. Electrical tests check for opens, shorts, proper continuity, and measures parasitic capacitance, which could cause signal distortion. Optical inspection with a 3D coordinate measuring system makes sure components are properly located, pins are straight, checks leading/lagging pin configurations, and ensures connectors are properly keyed.

Versatile, interchangeable test head modules on HARTING’s automated RoBAT tester ensure full compatibility with different component and connector configurations. These images show some of the RoBAT’s electrical test heads.



The LINK testing is a lower cost option available for customers that want to balance quality with cost.

The LINX intelligent test stations verify mechanical integrity between individual boards and backplane connectors, and are also used to check custom cable assemblies. This extensive test area with its large number of LINX units ensures a continuous flow of zero-defect products to our customers at all times.

Value Added Services


HARTING Integrated Solutions satisfies customers’ needs for a supplier that can provide value added services in addition to our usual range of products. When requested by our customers, HIS selectively supplies special chassis, racks, and patch panels to complement the backplanes we manufacture.

HIS capabilities include the design and manufacture of special chassis assemblies requested by our customers. These chassis are typically designed to satisfy the requirements for service in rugged industrial and military environments.

Integration and Project Management

HARTING makes it easy to do business with us, undertaking complete project management responsibility to the degree needed by our customers. This includes local support and coordination with our customers’ engineers, and the services of a team of specialists at our US manufacturing plant, which includes designers, application engineers, and project managers. We are adept at managing all aspect of a project from start to finish, and coordinating activities across international boundaries. Whether you need only a backplane, or a uniquely designed and integrated system, HIS delivers on time and within budget.