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Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

What is Fiber Optic Cable?

A fiber optic cable, or an optical-fiber cable, contains optical fibers made of glass or plastic that transmit light. Compared to electrical cables – which typically transmits over copper that is susceptible to data loss over distances – fiber optic cables offer higher bandwidth and reliability over long distances. Fiber optic cables also tend to be lighter than electrical cables but are generally more expensive. Therefore, they are typically used in applications where the bandwidth and distances required surpass the limitations of electrical cables.

Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies for Industry: Perfection in Detail

HARTING offers a wide range of robust fiber optic cable assemblies and connectors manufactured using the innovative HARTING PushPull technology and the classic Han® 3 A housings with different kinds of inserts. These housings are available in either metal or plastic. The selected materials and the special manufacturing processes allow environmental conditions such as extreme fluctuations of temperature, high ozone levels and ultraviolet radiation. The hybrid versions combine fiber optics and power in one, small form factor connector. The HARTING product portfolio offers fully assembled 100 % tested cable harnesses and removes the need for on-site assembly activity. All assemblies are ideally suited for easier handling, transportation and reduce installation time.

The PushPull LC duplex is the most compact glass fiber connector with IP 65 / IP 67 protection. The PushPull LC duplex overmolded version ensures tensile-loaded capacity of 200 N. The overmolding furthermore protects the cable against bending and manipulation compared to a typical cable gland. 

HARTING also offers a SC connector variety of the HARTING PushPull with single mode E9/125, multi-mode G50/125 and multi-mode G62.5/125 fiber types with lengths up to 300 m. The insertion loss, return loss, endface inspection and interferometry are measured and respectively tested after assembly process.

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