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Solutions for Critical Medical Applications


HARTING’s supplies essential connectivity products used in critical medical applications where reliability and ease of use are imperative.  Medical is one of the most important and specialized markets in the world.  As a result, it has some stringent demands, which HARTING connectors have been able to meet.  Such critical needs include:

Lightweight Solutions:  Reducing weight is a critical concern in medical applications where devices are frequently moved, such as portable respirators.  These devices and all the components must not exceed a weightan average person can easily transport.  

Miniaturization: Miniaturization is also an important factor in medical devices.  Medical devices typically contain a lot of components.  However, the overall system must be small.  Therefore, using as small of components as possible is an absolute must.

Keying / Preventing Mis-plugging: The need to prevent mis-wiring is necessary in medical applications where the person plugging in the machine is not a skilled electrician.  A keyed connector ensures it is impossible to mis-plug the device.

Reliability in Harsh Environments:  Medical devices can be used a wide variety of settings.  Portable machines may be used in outdoor scenarios, while even devices that are in surgical rooms could be subjected to spills and other hazards.  Connectors must have environmental ratings that ensure reliability in these environments.  


HARTING connectors have been used in countless medical applications because of their high reliability for delivering power, signal, and data.  In recent months, ventilator companies have chosen HARTING connectors  in essential, lifesaving ventilator designs.  Below are three applications that show the versatility of HARTING connectors in critical medical applications.

Pass-through on Portable Ventilator Case

A rugged case manufacturer was working with a ventilator manufacturer to develop a solution to house a portable ventilator.  The case needed a connector that would allow power to pass-through to the ventilator through the case.  They chose the HARTING Han® 16B connector because of its reliable performance in the harshest conditions.  The connector allowed a much-needed pass-through for the ventilator cables while ensuring that the contents of the case remained protected during transportation.

The Han® 16B connector that supported this application was manufactured locally in Elgin, IL as part of HARTING North American longstanding localized manufacturing strategy.

Connector Assembly for Heating Air Inside Ventilator Mask

A ventilator manufacturer was looking for a connector solution that would aid in the heating of the air in corrugated tubing prior to the air entering the patient’s lungs.  For this application, the connector solution needed to be very small.  HARTING delivered a customized pigtail cable assembly that met both the needs for reliability and size restraints. 

Ventilator Company Needed a Quick “Plug-and-Play” Disconnect

A ventilator manufacturer was looking for a light-weight ergonomic connector solution for their ventilator design.  They chose the lightweight, plastic HARTING PushPull solution because of its reliability and ease of use.  This connector was used in ventilators that were produced to aide in the coronavirus response in New York.   


HARTING had a variety of connector solution that meet the stringent demands of the medical market.

PushPull - Click and Go YouTube


The HARTING PushPull connector offers a lightweight, plastic connector solution in a compact package.  This connector can provide power, signal, data, or power/signal hybrid connections to medical equipment.  It boasts an internal locking mechanism that makes it easy to use.  In addition, it offers keying options that make it impossible to connect incorrectly.

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Han 1A

Han® 1A

The Han® 1A is the smallest connector available from HARTING’s Han® Industrial Connector series.  This plastic connector uses a snap-in latching system that makes it easy to connect and disconnect.  The Han® 1A is built on a modular system of inserts and accessories for both indoor and outdoor applications and is offered in versions rated for IP20 and IP65.

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Han Transformer Video


The Han-Modular® series enables the combination of multiple media types–power, signal, data, air, etc…- into a single connection point.  This means it reduces significantly the number of connections needed for a medical device, offering substantial time savings when plugging in.  As the connector is built using different modules, it is automatically keyed so mis-plugging is impossible.

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Top 4 Reasons To Use har-flex®

har-flex® Miniaturized Board Connectors

Inside the devices, HARTING offers a variety of miniaturized connectors for use on PCBs.  The har-flex® series is based on a 1.27 mm pitch and offered in all even pin counts from 6 to 100.  The connector series also has options for additional SMT hold-downs and locking levers for strain relief on cables.  This ensures reliability in applications that are subjected to a lot of movement.

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