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HARTING Digital Tools

Industrial Connector Configurator

The Industrial Connector Configurator is a drag-and-drop interactive tool that allows engineers, buyers, sales people and other users to select and customize electrical connectors that are used in a variety of industrial settings – including mechanical and plant engineering, broadcast and entertainment, factory automation, power generation and distributions, as well as electronics and telecommunication.

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Cordset Configurator

The HARTING Cordset Configurator helps users save time and configure a connector solution quickly and easily. The app allows customers to configure a M8, M12, or 7/8” cordset using a series of selected specifications. 

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Knowledge Center

The HARTING Knowledge Center App, also known as the KCA, contains all of HARTING’s educational material for mobile Apple and Android devices. All information is easily sorted by product, market, or content type so you can find exactly what you need when and wherever you need it.

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Industrial Connectors Han® Online Product Configurator

Need to find the right interfaces for your machine construction quickly and reliably without the drawn-out process of considering the connector details and all the many combination options? The Han® configurator will quickly put all the necessary information and data relevant to your decision making at your fingertips.

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EPLAN Data Portal

The EPLAN Data Portal is a cloud-based data platform for providing up-to-date device data from a large number of manufacturers. With the integration of a portal solution into the EPLAN Platform, information is now directly accessible for engineering. Engineers and planners around the world access the electronic product catalogues directly when drafting circuit plans. The ability to drag and drop components into schematics can provide a savings of up to 5 hours of engineering time.

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