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Little Giants - Mini Ethernet Connectors

Little plugs, Gigantic project – The future of rugged, miniaturized Ethernet

The Adventures of the Little Giants

In a time in which everything the industry believed in got shattered, something new arose. Something small made to make a big impact. At the dawn of digitalization and under the pressure of a changing world, they were developed. Born out of the power of strong ideas and shaped by the experience of decades. Rugged, small ethernet connectors are ready to connect today's industry with the world of tomorrow.

What are the Advantages of Mini Ethernet Connectors?

Industrial devices are getting smaller but produce more and more data.  The size of traditional Ethernet solutions, such as  RJ45, can be a limiting factor in a design.  Mini Ethernet connectors offer space savings and enable miniaturization.

ix Industrial® Hero

HARTING ix Industrial®

Electronic devices of all kinds are becoming ever smaller, with the result that device interfaces, as well as system ethernet cables, must shrink in size, become more powerful and simultaneously offer increased robustness – like little giants with superhero capabilities.

M8 D-Code Mini Ethernet Connector

The M8 is a common connector at the field level, although to date only for the transmission of signals. The new M8 D-code has a robust metal housing with continuous shielding, which enables it to supply devices with 100 Mbit/s Fast Ethernet.

M8 D-Code Ethernet Hero
T1 Industrial® Hero

T1 Industrial® Connector

The T1 industrial® connectivity solution was designed to be the standard interface for industrial Single Pair Ethernet applications. To fit all applications and truly be the standard for industrial applications, the mating interface was designed to be the same and interoperable across all IP-ratings.

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