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Micro TCA Connectors

Specifically developed for the next generation of telecom, medical and industrial applications.

What are Micro TCA Connectors?

HARTING's rugged micro TCA connectors have been specifically developed for the next generation of telecom, medical and industrial applications. The compact connector allows the transmission of highest data rates. Thanks to the innovative Guide Spring concept, the direct plug-in of a PCB is possible without any safety loss.

The power connector offers power contacts with the current carrying capacity of up to 16 A as well as contacts for signal transmission. HARTING offers application-specific design-in support for the connectors, as well as the system analysis support.


High Contact Reliability

With the new “con:card+” connectors with press-in termination, HARTING has substantially improved the contact reliability of the AdvancedMC™ connector for MicroTCA™ and AdvancedTCA®. The key element of the new “con:card+” connector is the integrated TCA Connectors GuideSpring, which is able to compensate any tolerance deviations of the AdvancedMC™ printed circuit boards by centrally positioning the circuit board within the connector slot. The GuideSpring allows HARTING to ensure the reliable connection of the circuit boards, which can be manufactured in large-scale production today.

Other advantages of the “con:card+” technology are the extremely smooth contact surface and a robust contact coating which allows the specified 200 mating cycles between the daughter card and the card edge connector. Especially for rough environments, HARTING offers supplementary to the specification a connector for the AdvancedMC™ module. The plug connector replaces the gold pads of the card edge and offers increased reliability.

TCA Standards

The TCA connectors have been developed for the open hardware standards AdvancedTCA®, AdvancedMC™ and MicroTCA™. They are specified by the PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group (PICMG), a consortium of more than 450 product suppliers. These innovative systems are finding increasing use for industrial control systems and computer systems.

HARTING is an active member of the PICMG and participated in the standardization process of the connectors for these systems. HARTING offers several connectors for signal and power transmission.

International Standard

The TCA connectors meet the requirements of the PICMG (PCI Industrial Computers Manufacturers Group) specifications AdvancedMC™, Advanced TCA® and MicroTCA™ and can be used for these applications

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