kathy ireland Interviews President and CEO of HARTING Americas, Jon DeSouza

Learn about the trends that are affecting manufacturing in North America

HARTING North America's President & CEO, Jon DeSouza, was recently invited to appear on World Wide Business with kathy ireland® to discuss connectivity and manufacturing trends in America.

Below are some of the interview highlights. To learn everything about connectivity and manufacturing industry trends, watch the whole video.

kathy ireland with Jon DeSouza Video


Half of US manufacturing companies will look to reshoring at least part of their operations by 2020, according to a recent survey by Deloitte. This poses several challenges that will need to be addressed in the over the next few years. In particular, the lack of skilled labor and automation. 


Manufacturing moving back to the US
Connectors outperform hardwiring


Connector systems are pre-assembled and pre-tested, and, in most cases, can be installed by the end user or contractor – eliminating the need to hire highly skilled labor.  This saves time and money and quick installation means an increase in productivity for the end user.

The Next Phase of Connectivity (IoT and Smart Connectivity)

The next step for industrial connectivity is smart connectivity – or intelligence built directly into the connector.  For example, RFID tags can store all of the information about the connector.  Another new trend is integrating active components, such as sensors into connector systems, essentially giving them a brain.

In addition, HARTING is creating new technologies that connect legacy machinery to the IoT including the MICA, which won the HERMES AWARD at HANNOVER MESSE in 2016.

Smart Connectivity