myHARTING. The new home of partnership.

Buy connectors. Design custom Connectors. Everything you need in one place. Available anywhere, anytime.

myHARTING is your digital platform that assists you in day-to-day tasks. Our digital tools simplify your work by providing you everything you need from HARTING in one place that can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Buy standard or design custom industrial connectors and cables online in HARTING's eshop.

myHARTING is available for everyone with instant sign-up.  Direct customers can request to be upgraded to an eShop account, where you can purchase directly from HARTING. Please see the below for more information.

myHARTING Cockpit

Your personalized ‘control center’ with all key features at a glance, for a fast and easy access to all relevant data and information.

Individual Wishlist

Save your product selections for quick access later.

Download History

Quick access to your recently viewed documents. Here, you can store all the premium-content that you need for your daily work: CAD-files, technical data and whitepapers.

Configuration history

Quick access all your solutions created through our configurators: industrial connectors Han®, DIN 41612, flat cable connectors, connector sets for SEW-EURODRIVE.

Request Upgrade to Shop Directly with HARTING

Once you have registered for a myHARTING account, you will have the option to request an account upgrade. This account upgrade allows you to shop online and check product availability.  Direct accounts are subject to approval from our customer support team.