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Ha-VIS preLink® Modular Ethernet - for Ethernet Connectivity

What is Modular Ethernet?

Ha-VIS preLink – Modular Ethernet

The HARTING Technology Group offers a broad modular ethernet system for the implementation of innovative and future-proof Ethernet cabling. This preLink® modular system arose from the requirements of the most disparate users and existing standards, as well as HARTING's experience.

preLink® assembly tool

Together with the preLink® terminal blocks for solid and stranded conductors, the centerpiece of preLink® technology and the guarantee for 100% process reliability in the installation of preLink® cabling.

preLink® components in plug and socket form

With preLink®, HARTING has erased the borderline between industrial automation and IT cabling, and provides both preLink® plugs, as well as preLink® sockets for many interfaces.

preLink® components in HIFF (HARTING Industry Form Factor)

HIFF components fit in many HARTING series and can thereby be integrated without problems in such housings as:

  • Han® 3A (global industry standard for IP65/67 housing)
  • HARTING PushPull V.4 (interface in accordance with ISO/IEC 24702)
  • Han® PushPull V.14 (interface for PROFINET and AIDA)

preLink® components in M12 format

With the preLink® M12 product family, HARTING covers the classical IP65/67 data connectors in M12 format.

  • Ha-VIS preLink® M12 D-coded for Fast Ethernet (100Mbit/s)
  • Ha-VIS preLink® M12 X-coded for Gigabit Ethernet and more (up to 10GBit/s)
  • preLink® M12 sockets are in the pipeline

preLink® components in Keystone format

HARTING has always pursued the development of the preLink® modular system along two lines – the specific requirements of industry, and at the same time the requirements for higher transmission speeds from IT. This makes RJ45 sockets in Keystone format essential

  • preLink® RJ45 sockets, Keystone
  • preLink® DIN rail distributors for Keystone sockets
  • preLink® 19" distributor fields for Keystone sockets

preLink® components for special solutions

HARTING continually takes up the suggestions of its customers, and endeavors to solve problems with new solutions and products. This also includes quite practical problems such as the extension of cabling runs without reinstalling existing cables.

  • Ha-VIS preLink® Extender for the extension of cable runs
  • preLink® RJ45 applications for the Han-Modular® series from HARTING
  • preLink® protective cap for help with cable insertion

preLink® accessories

Everything that simplifies the work of the fitter and leads to still higher installation quality, can be found here:

  • Tools, like the preLink® assembly pliers and preLink® release tool
  • preLink® protective cap
  • preLink® Extender Category 6A
  • preLink® cable termination block AWG 24-22 for installation cable
  • preLink® cable termination block AWG 27-26 for flexible cable
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