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What to Know About Solution Packages

Digitalizing a factory. Improving Overall Operational Efficiencies (OEE) using technology.  Building a predictive maintenance system. All of these are reasons that companies are turning to Industry 4.0.  However, implementing a solution specific to an existing factory can seem overwhelming.  As no two applications are exactly the same, finding an out of the box solution that perfectly fits in your existing application is unlikely.  

Having said this, tailoring existing, tested IIoT solutions for your applications is easy with the right partner.  This is the concept behind HARTING’s IIoT Solution Packages. 

Get Started With Our Edge Computing Solution Packages

The process will begin with an initial consultation to understand your application.  HARTING will then recommend hardware and software components based on successful use cases and work with you on a full Proof-of-Concept (PoC).  We will give you the opportunity to try out the solution in your facility. Once the PoC is approved, HARTING will work with you on next steps to scale out the solution to your needs.

HARTING Has Proven Expertise in the IIoT Field

Industry 4.0 is new for everyone.  But, HARTING has been there since the beginning.  The first whispers of Industry 4.0 started in 2012.  A few short years later, HARTING won the Hermes Award for the Industry 4.0 Edge Gateway, the MICA at Hannover Messe.  

Since then, HARTING has helped several companies integrate Industry 4.0 concepts into their existing applications in the fields of Condition Monitoring, Asset Management, and Digital Retrofit.

HARTING is a privately held company, and one of our core values is to shape the future with technologies for people.  As a privately held company, we are fully independent and have R&D facilities all over the world.  

We Understand Industrial Applications

HARTING has been a leader in industrial connectivity for over 75 years. We are known for our reliable, robust connector solutions that stand the test of time.  We will only develop a solution that is rugged enough for that environment, with components that we thoroughly vet and trust. With a solution developed by HARTING, you can be assured it will work now and for years to come. The core of our solution is the HARTING MICA edge computer (Link to MICA page). This computer is specifically designed for industrial environments. The MICA boasts an open-source architecture that can grow and change with your application. This structure allows you to use any hardware or software, as you are not bound to proprietary technology or licenses. An investment in MICA is assurance and reliability for the future.   

We Make it Easy for You

HARTING has an on-staff team that specifically focuses on IoT solutions – including Product Managers, IoT Systems Architects, and Programmers.  This means all the right people are at one company to handle the PoC for you.  You just tell us your problem, and we will take it from there.

Our Solutions are Reliable Because We Try Them First

HARTING is not just an IIoT company - we are also a manufacturer. This gives us a unique opportunity compared to many other companies. Our solution packages are based on real-world use cases that we have developed with partners, or we use ourselves in our factories around the world. Your solution package may be unique to your application, but it will be based on a real use-case that we have tested, used, and most importantly, approved to our high standards. This means its low-risk for you. 

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Additional IIoT Topics

About The Industrial Internet of Things

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) connects machines, analytics, and people to create powerful insights to drive smarter, faster, and better business decisions.  The IIoT is made up of interconnected machines and devices that can monitor, collect, exchange, and analyze data.  It is transforming the industry and changing the way the industry functions.  By combining machine-to-machine communications with analytics, companies can reap the benefits of unparalleled efficiency, productivity, and performance.  

MICA Starter Kits

The Industry's First IIoT Starter Kits

It’s easy to talk about integrating IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), but it’s another thing entirely to do it.  Many people don’t know where to start or what IIoT applications would benefit their operations the best. That’s why HARTING developed these IIoT starter kits.  Each kit has everything needed for a basic application and is ideal for those starting with IIoT. The HARTING MICA boasts a container-based open architecture so users can easily customize to their specific application well beyond what is included in the kits.

    Digital Retrofit

    When the decision is made to integrate IIoT, there are two possible strategies. Either a company can invest in completely new machines and equipment that were developed exclusively for this need or they can upgrade their current machines, otherwise known as legacy machinery, and equipment with devices that make this type of communication possible. Digital retrofit here means taking a device that produces or uses data of some sort and connecting it to a device that can allow that data to be a part of a larger data pool.

    Condition Monitoring

    Condition monitoring is a necessity in modern production and business models. Condition monitoring (or, colloquially, CM) is the process of monitoring a parameter of condition in machinery (vibration, temperature, et cetera) to identify a significant change that is indicative of a developing fault. It is a major component of predictive maintenance.

    Companies cannot afford any unexpected downtime caused by machine malfunction and power. Taking precautions to monitor the health and viability of equipment is a must. Condition monitoring allows to operate old machines and infrastructure (e.g. conveyor systems) longer than originally planned. This way, investments can be minimized and shifted to strategically important topics.

    Overhead Conveyor System Solutions

    Conveyor systems are often the lifeline to a company’s productivity and the center of the factory. Due to the fixed nature of the system, if there is an shutdown in one part of the conveyor, the entire process stops. Downtime can be devastating, and preventing it is critical to staying competitive. Condition Monitoring / predictive maintenance provides real-time insights into the health of the conveyor so maintenance teams can take action before a shutdown.