Edge Computing Packages

Edge Computing Solution Packages

Digitalizing a factory. Improving Overall Operational Efficiencies (OEE) using technology.  Building a predictive maintenance system. All of these are reasons that companies are turning to Industry 4.0.  However, implementing a solution specific to an existing factory can seem overwhelming.  As no two applications are exactly the same, finding an out of the box solution that perfectly fits in your existing application is unlikely. Having said this, tailoring existing, tested IIoT solutions for your applications is easy with the right partner.  This is the concept behind HARTING’s IIoT Solution Packages. 

MICA Starter Kits

The Industry's First IIoT Starter Kits

It’s easy to talk about integrating IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), but it’s another thing entirely to do it.  Many people don’t know where to start or what IIoT applications would benefit their operations the best. That’s why HARTING developed these IIoT starter kits.  Each kit has everything needed for a basic application and is ideal for those starting with IIoT. The HARTING MICA boasts a container-based open architecture so users can easily customize to their specific application well beyond what is included in the kits.