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har-link® - Modular Interface Connector System

What are har-link® Interface Connectors?

The HARTING's modular and compact har-link® interface connector system in 2.0mm pitch allows fast and reliable data transfer rates up to 2 Gbit/s. An EMI shielding concept guarantees excellent function in EM-polluted environment.

The har-link® interface connector system of HARTING complies with the requirements of IEC 61076-4-107 and is a compact and robust PCB-to-cable interface with excellent data transmission properties for reliable high-speed networking and telecommunications.


  • Easy implementation into both metric and inch-based systems
  • Hot plugging possible
  • Perfect for modern transmission protocols such as Low Voltage Differential Signals
  • Withstanding pulling force up to 80 N
  • High temperature resistant for a safe reflow soldering process

In addition to the single connectors, HARTING provides cable assemblies with unshielded twisted pairs or with shielded twisted pairs for high speed applications such as IEEE 1355. A crimping tool range for terminating the male har-link® connectors is also available.

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