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DIN 41 612 PCB Connectors - The Robust Classic

The DIN 41612 PCB connector has proven itself millions of times as a tested classic for connecting circuit boards and backplanes. At HARTING, classic DIN connector doesn't mean old, but rather constantly evolving and optimized for our customers.

Top 5 Reasons to Use DIN 41 612

What is DIN 41 612 Connector?

DIN 41 612 PCB connectors, often called VME connectors or Eurocard connectors, are based on DIN standards for electrical connectors. The standard allows for electrical connectors that have two or three rows of contacts with 16 or 32 columns per row, with contact spacing of 0.1” (2.54mm). The most commonly used application for DIN 41612 connectors is in VME Bus systems, although the application use cases have expanded over the years to include any application that needs a robust and reliable board-level connector.

A History of DIN 41 612

A DIN connector is an electrical connector that was standardized in the early 1970s by the Deutsches Institut für Normung (DIN), the German national standards organization. There are many DIN standards, and there is a document number behind everyone.

DIN 41612 is for rectangular connectors used to connect plug-in cards to a backplane or motherboard.

Connector standardization is a prerequisite for open systems. This allows components from different suppliers to operate together. The standard has also been upgraded to international standards such as IEC 60 603-2 and EN 60 603-2.


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Benefits of HARTING DIN 41 612

  • Robust and reliable connector solution.
  • Broad portfolio that is suitable for a wide variety of applications.
  • DIN Power, DIN Signal and DIN Mixed variants available.
  • Short lead times.
  • DIN Signal available in full length (up to 96 contacts), half-length and one third length versions. In both standard and inverse configuration
  • Selective loading options, include first mate last break contacts
  • Custom contact plating e.g. 50uinch gold
  • Continuous investment = range expansion and increased production capacity

DIN Power

The DIN Power connectors are preferred in applications that require particularly robust connectors or higher currents up to 15 A. This is supported by our wide variety of shell housings and accessories, including full metal versions, which guarantee the necessary robustness and ensure a continuous shield from the cable into the rack.

  • All DIN construction types, optionally for 6 A and 15 A per contact

  • Standardized according to IEC 606032

  • Contact spacing 5.08 mm

  • Low contact resistance due to refined contact surfaces

DIN Power Products

DIN Signal

The DIN Signal male and female connectors feature a constant pitch of 2.54 mm. This ensures a relatively high contact density as well as the necessary robustness. That is why the DIN Signal connectors are the best choice for applications with stricter vibration or ruggedness requirements. They have proven themselves in machinery construction, automation technology and railway applications as a particularly reliable solution.

  • Contact spacing 2.54 mm

  • Standardized according to IEC 606032

  • Up to 96 contacts are possible in a single connector

  • Many connection options: PCB to PCB, mezzanine or cable to PCB

  • Up to 2 A per contact is possible

  • Excellent transmission quality and low contact resistance due to refined contact surfaces

DIN Signal Products

har-bus® 64 VME Connectors

The har-bus® 64 connectors are designed for use in VME 64x applications. They are 100% forwards and backwards compatible with DIN 41 612 type C. This enables the system to be extended by two more rows without having to rework all daughter cards.

  • Additional connector contacts for I/O or future functionality
  • Improved signal/ground configuration: thus ensuring signal transmission rates of up to 320 MBytes/s (VME bus), 1.25 Gb/s (Gigabit Ethernet) or 3.125 Gb/s (serial, point-to-point)
  • Live insertion (e.g. cards can be inserted during operations)
  • Standardised according to IEC 610764-113
  • Up to 160 contacts
  • Switch connector for automatic daisy chaining
har-bus® 64 Products


  • Train control and monitoring unit/signaling 
  • Traction devices
  • Train control and monitoring unit/signaling/communication based control systems
  • Electronic interlocking systems, integrated control posts and maintenance service for their installations
  • Measurement and communication module 
  • Dynamic motion control, brakes systems, climatic controls
  • On-train WiFi systems
  • Modular regulators for regulation of air-condition, ventilation and heating in railway carriages
  • Battery bank interface, monitoring voltage, current and temperature
  • Lightning protection system of railway station
  • Drive for remote switching public low-voltage and high-voltage electricity distribution networks
  • Passenger information systems
  • PDU (Passenger Distribution Unit)/signaling
  • Control cabinet/elevator access ramps for trains
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  • Flowmeter
  • Process control/motor valve controls
  • Human Machine Interface
  • Universal programmer for NAND Flash memories, microcontrollers and other programmable devices
  • IO controller board for control cabinets
  • DCS (Distribution Control System) for nuclear power equipment
  • RTU (Remote Terminal Unit) for Oil and Gas Industry
  • Electrical tester for complex cable harnesses of industrial equipment
  • Airport explosives detector
  • Integrated traffic control/traffic management room
  • Control systems for subsea ROVs (remotely operated vehicles)
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Other Applications

  • Digital juke box
  • Relay protection and automation, control, alarm of various switchgear
  • UPS (uninterruptible power supplies)
  • Network Management Systems
  • Avionics video modules
  • Kidney dialysis equipment
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HARTING DIN 41 612 Testimonial

Homeland Security

Watch this video to learn how choosing the right Eurocard connector partner helped a Senior Components Engineer succeed by offering custom solutions and start-to-finish efficiency and support from connectivity experts.

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