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The compact, robust and economical connector for controllers, small drives and control cabinets.

About Han® 1A

Han® 1A - Compact, robust and versatile

The Han® 1A offers a compact, robust, rugged and universally deployable rectangular connector system for transmission in all lifelines of Industry 4.0 (data, power, signals). Smaller and smaller drives are also requiring smaller and smaller interfaces, e.g. in engineering and robotics. The new rugged connector series reflects the trend with matching housings and inserts. The necessary shielding for the motor connection can also be achieved with Han® 1A industrial plastic connectors.

Han 1A

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Uses up to 30% less space compared to Han® 3A: Compact connector for power that can be installed in the field
  • Flexible in use: Transmits data, signals and power with up to twelve contacts
  • Highly versatile: Modular system of inserts and accessories suitable for a wide variety of applications (IP20/IP65)
  • Less time required for installation: Fast connection using Snap-in technology – no screws required
  • Minimum inventory needed: Clearly structured connector system based on a few basic components
  • Reduced costs: Affordable installation connectors

Configurator for industrial connectors

Need to find the right modular interfaces for your machine construction quickly and reliably without the drawn-out process of considering the connector details and all the many combination options? The Han® Configurator will quickly put all the necessary information and data relevant to your decision making at your fingertips.


Range & Key Features

Space savings due to miniaturization

With its Han® 1A, HARTING follows the trend towards miniaturization in the industrial sector. Smaller and smaller drives are also requiring smaller and smaller interfaces, e.g. in engineering and robotics. The new connector series reflects the trend with matching housings and inserts. The necessary shielding for the motor connection can also be achieved with Han® 1A plastic connectors. The Han® 1A has much smaller dimensions than the next larger industrial connector, the Han® 3A.

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Modular connector system

Due to the modularity and a variety of different applications, it is suitable for all areas in which small drives, sensors and devices must be supplied. The individual elements are easy to recognize in the modular system: individual components can thus be quickly assembled to form a ready-to-use connector. The portfolio also includes accessories such as fasteners for rapid wall mounting, strain relief or colour coding pins.

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Suitable for a wide variety of applications (IP20/IP65)

The series follows the Han® modular principle. The customer can flexibly combine insulating bodies, contacts, housings and interlocks to interfaces and achieve degrees of protection according to its requirements. An IP20 solution with only two components can already be assembled for use in protected areas within industry (e.g., on spars of machines and supply channels).

Only slightly more effort is required to make it a water- and dust-proof solution with single-wire sealing mats, which in turn enables gripper and other robotic tools to be fed in pluggable manner. With additional housing elements, the degree of protection can be quickly extended to IP65. 

Han® 1A thus enables the flexible and efficient connection of tools and modules such as heating or cooling units, fans, control terminals, lighting systems, drives and vibration conveyors. In traffic engineering, the Han® 1A is recommended for the connection of door drives and entry systems, lighting, headlights, loudspeakers, screens, display panels, warning and alarm lights, push-buttons, wipers and signal generators, etc.

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Robust and easy to install

Housings, gaskets, inserts, and cable glands are made of highly resistant, durable material (e.g., polyamide). For the secure and tension-proof connection of devices, contacts with crimp or screw connection technology are available. The crimping technique is recommended for mass processing, while for rapid installation in the field screwdriving technology can offer advantages. With the Han® 1A, signal interfaces with a density of up to 12 D-Sub contacts can also be constructed.

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Cost savings through minimal stock on hand

In addition to interfaces in an IP-protected environment, the Han® 1A is ideally suited for the supply of devices and small actuators in the periphery of production facilities and for the connection of tools or small machine modules. Even with minimal warehouse inventory, users can use just a few basic elements to equip many different applications. As a result, Han® 1 A offers maximum options with minimal stock on hand.

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The new standard for small, universal industrial connectors

Increased miniaturization in the machine/facility construction sector is also occurring in harsher industrial environments. Compact and versatile – yet still robust – industrial connectors are in demand. For the first time, HARTING's Han® 1A offers a compact, affordable power connector, which can be used for controllers, small drives and control cabinets, and can also be installed in the field.

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Space-saving industrial connectors for railway vehicles

In order to save energy and optimally use the installation space available, rail vehicle designers are looking for miniaturized solutions. Electrical interfaces can also contribute to the development by becoming smaller and more efficient. With the Han® 1A, HARTING presents a new small as well as powerful interface that clearly undercuts the dimensions of the smallest rectangular industrial connector so far, the Han® 3A.

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