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Overview of Transportation Systems

Trains are a critical form of moving people and things from one point to another.  Integrating IIoT functionalities has become essential for train companies and transit authorities who want to improve the safety, reliability, and maintenance of their systems.  Compared to other applications, trains have special requirements.  Trains travel at high speeds through harsh environments.  The environments and vibration during travel means that all systems on the trains need to be extremely robust and reliable. 


Ensuring the door on a train only opens when the train is stationed next to a platform is crucial to keeping passengers safe. Older trains are opened manually by the conductor. There was always the risk that the conductor may open the wrong side and riders could walk out without looking, resulting in a fall. This kind of mistake is easy to make and the risk to the transit authorities’ reputations is too great. As a result, an automatic system offers a failsafe to protect passengers and reputations.  


  • Eliminates risk that the conductor would open the wrong door.
  • Increases safety for passengers on the train.