Optimum interfaces for camera application in automation

Sensor technology and its integration is a much-discussed topic in robot design. To enable a smooth integration, connectivity components must meet high requirements in terms of data rates, protection against environmental influences and options for preassembling. Thus, also with the help of connectors, robots are using more and more sensors, such as cameras and 3D scanners, to explore their environment.

Application is becoming ever more diverse, as assembly activities, quality controls and material handlings are increasingly being carried out with the help of intelligent camera robot systems. HARTING offers optimum solutions for these applications. Based on customer specifications, solutions for different degrees of protection are available. 

Manufacturing robots use cameras for orientation and control, connectors ensure the reliable transmission of the data.

The number of modules required depends on the technical specifications of the robot. Applying Han-Modular®, you can always find the appropriate solution. A standard size connector housing provides enough space for up to six individual modules (in a Han® 24 B hood/housing), but usually smaller solutions are sufficient for up to four modules (Han® 16 B) or even a single module housing (Han® 3 A).

The Han-Modular® series can also be used to configure solutions tailored to individual customer requirements with regard to the industrial lifelines of power and signals. There are numerous modules for different types of contact like Han® C, Han D® or Han E®, and currents e.g. in the ranges of <4 A, 10 A, 16 A, or 40 A. The permissible nominal voltages range from a maximum of 50 V up to several 1000 V. It is particularly convenient that all relevant termination techniques are available within the Han-Modular® series. Thus, HARTING connectors enable an efficient integration of robots into their working environment.

They particularly bring about an interference-free data transfer, which is required for trouble-free operation.

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