Han® HPR Compact

A compact connector grows with the tasks

HARTING's new connector series enables space and weight savings for applications with limited space in harsh environments.

Han® HPR is a globally recognised standard for connector housings that require special protection against environmental impacts, whether applied in power generation plants, offshore platforms, rail vehicles or ships. Aiming to expand the connector range for harsh environments with limited installation space, HARTING is currently adding the “Han® HPR Compact” hoods and housings to the series. They require 20% less installation space compared to the previous standard and meet the industry’s needs for weight reduction. Significantly more compact, they can “grow with the tasks”, even after installation

The housings are designed to offer maximum transmission capacity in any given installation space. The aim is to provide the most convenient scaling possible even after the initial assembly, offering enough space for an optimal connector application in challenging locations.

The focus is on maximum standardisation and simple solutions for the beforementioned industrial application areas. Every single component should be as light and flexible as possible, and no installation space should be wasted.
However, not all requirements are always predictable: For example, the use of modular connectors can prove to be complicated because the bending radii of cables and hoses are larger than calculated in advance.

With the Han® HPR Compact (front) for interfaces, users save 20% of the installation space compared to previous solutions

In addition, it could become apparent only in later deployments that an interface requires a different connector, which requires more space for cabling. This can be the case due to subsequent adaptations to standards, such as a conversion from Cat.6 to Cat.7A/8.

20% space savings compared to the previous standard

Here, the Han® HPR Compact offers a simple solution with its extension frames: each frame increases the height of the enclosure by 3 centimetres, while the other components can remain as they are. Service teams only need to screw one extender frame onto the hood, gaining space for all connections and contacts.

The extender frame can also mean considerable advantages for the assembly. For example, the connectors can be freely arranged on the extender frame and the shielding frame be fixed.

Maximum two extenders can let the connector grow and help to reduce cable stress

Afterwards, the assembly technician only needs to screw on the hood. The extender thus brings more flexibility and freedom for optimising a cable assembly.

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HARTING Han® HPR Compact - Solutions for applications with limited space in harsh environments

More lightweight housing, improved energy balance

The Han® HPR Compact distinguishes itself from comparable solutions, not only by significantly less space requirements but also through a more lightweight design. The housings weigh up to 25% less than the corresponding Han® HPR standard.

Secure and reliable mating process

Two different coding options are directly integrated into the housing that ensure a quick and easy coding process for the Han® HPR Compact. The use of two optional coding pins results in a total of 16 coding options. The use of special coding modules is unnecessary, leaving more free space for the contact inserts.

Another option is to equip the hood or housing with guide pins. The guides support the mating and unmating of particularly sensitive and/or difficult-to-access interface applications.

A perfect match for applications with limited space:
Han-Modular® Domino Modules

To reach the optimum in terms of space and weight savings as well as flexibility, HARTING presents the Han-Modular® Domino modules as the next development stage of the modular connector.

Users of Han-Modular® Domino modules can save up to 50% installation space by integrating different transmission types in one module, for example.

The perfect combination to save space and weight: Han® HPR Compact equipped with the Han-Modular® Domino Modules

Installers also benefit from shorter assembly times. Due to the reduced connector size, assembly areas that are difficult to reach can be equipped more efficiently or even opened up for assembly in the first place, e.g. in the narrow installation space of rail vehicles. As a result, assembly costs are reduced.

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