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Discontinuation of RFID solutions

HARTING's UHF RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems identify metal containers, machines, tools, trains, concrete parts and other assets located in demanding, harsh industrial environments.

RFID is an important emerging technology which the HARTING Technology Group has industrialised for many applications in recent years. However, the market has changed so significantly in recent years that we have decided not to continue this technology within the HARTING Technology Group.

Thus, we have transferred our activities to partners.

We would be happy to pass on your contact details to partners and customers so that you can pursue business directly with them.

Information on HARTING's RFID technology and products (awarded the HERMES Award 1996), which you may refer to when operating your application, is listed below.


UHF RFID systems from HARTING

HARTING's UHF RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems identify metal containers, machines, tools, trains, concrete parts and other assets located in demanding, harsh industrial environments.
UHF RFID technology enables precisely controlled automation, transparent processes, reduced downtimes and, thus, reduced costs.

    Ha-VIS RFID system components

    The Ha-VIS RFID system components enable

    • Detection of multiple objects without a line of sight
    • Simultaneous information stored directly on the product
    • Reliable information processing directly at the point of capture

    Tracking and tracing in intra-logistics - UHF RFID on conveyor belts

    The world is not made up merely of straight lines. It also has edges, corners and curves. And it is limited: Often there is no room for additional equipment. HARTING offers products and solutions that make it possible to track and trace goods and merchandise within these environments.

    RFID transponder with external sensor technology

    Intelligent RFID transponders are taking over more and more monitoring functions. The HARTING UHF RFID embedded transponder transmits the ID and external sensor data in a passive state. Thus, it builds a bridge to self-configuring processes. Even mobile parts without their own constant power supply can be monitored comprehensively.

    UHF RFID transponders for outdoors

    The trend towards increased product individualisation has been accompanied by processes for continual monitoring and diagnosis. For this, components are fitted with an RFID transponder so that they can transmit their specific data to the control system via radio frequencies. One challenge is integrating the transponders into an environment in which metallic surfaces cause reflections. In addition, the data media must be able to withstand harsh environmental conditions, high temperature fluctuations at extremes, and the use of corrosive liquids such as cleaning chemicals or oils. HARTING's Ha-VIS UHF RFID transponders provide excellent operational reliability under extreme conditions.

    Smart technology UHF RFID

    HARTING's connectors and cable assemblies can be equipped with UHF RFID transponders to link information and data from real components to the virtual world. By taking advantage of UHF RFID, the range of possible applications – from the identification-specific data for a connector to the automatically triggered ordering process of spare parts – can be expanded and used conveniently, quickly and reliably. Component data is recorded using a mobile reader (e.g. a smartphone) with a corresponding reading unit, and then compared with data from the HARTING eShop. Spare parts or reference values can be displayed and used immediately after their identification. This not only speeds things up, it also prevents costly errors, such as ordering the wrong spare part.

    Integrating in the future – towards Industry 4.0

    Proprietary protocols and specific drivers complicate the integration of the automation industry; they are obstacles to the implementation of Industry 4.0. OPC-UA enables communications between UHF RFID readers, PLC controllers and applications (machine-to-machine, M2M) – from the "shop floor" (sensors and PLC) to the "top floor" (SAP) – without any problems caused by incompatible drivers. HARTING has long supported connectivity and the establishment of standards. OPC-UA precisely meets the HARTING requirement for the use of an open standard pertaining to the safe and reliable connection of a wide variety of systems and machines.

    Improving inspection and maintenance processes with UHF RFID

    Regular maintenance work is not only obligatory because of the applicable safety standards. HARTING's UHF RFID enables you to optimise your process – thus saving you time and money. The digitisation of the equipment acquisition process eliminates paper-based checklists for archiving in the maintenance management system. Typical errors can also be avoided. The information about which test has been carried out by whom, at what time, and on which object is stored together with the test results directly on the UHF RFID reader. Further tests can be easily and efficiently implemented in this way, for example, to ensure production or quality standards.

    Container and train tracking at the station

    What track is this railcar on? Is the railcar due for maintenance? The name plate is dirty, damaged or missing completely. Many simple but important questions can only be answered by checking through lengthy Excel tables. HARTING's UHF RFID systems enable the paperless tracking of your valuable cargo.

    Train positioning

    Trains must stop at specific and exact positions (e.g. for safety reasons). Sometimes, the platform is shorter than the train, so that not all doors may be opened. Optical sensors often do not function reliably enough because of dust, dirt, water or leaves. Mechanical contacts are also prone to failure in this harsh environment. Contactless and maintenance-free UHF RFID systems, on the other hand, allow you to precisely and reliably identify the train position, even under these adverse conditions.

    Former RFID products and data sheets

    You'll find an overview of the documentation, data sheets, etc. for your existing RFID products in our eShop.

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    RFID documents

    HARTING's Download Centre provides you with further documents about our UHF RFID products.


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