Live Event

Connectivity for Future Technologies


Join us for 1.5-hour event that explores the future of connectivity and the kinds of technologies such foresight enables.

The backbone of future technology is the connectivity solutions that power them. Without the right means to transmit electrical current, devices that would change the world remain trapped in the idea stage. Therefore, it is critical that for connectivity solution providers, like HARTING, to always have an eye on the future, and develop technologies to support emerging trends.

This session will be hosted by HARTING Americas with panelists from the HARTING Global Team


  • Greeting from HARTING Americas President & CEO, Jon DeSouza
  • Global Outlook on the Future of Connectivity
  • Future Technologies in the Americas:
    • Intelligence at the Edge: The Future of Industrial Machine Learning and AI
    • Advanced Ethernet: The Standardization of Industrial Single Pair Ethernet
    • Data Centers: Standardization and OCP Powershelf Design
    • Electrification in Agricultural Machinery