Live-Webinar Seminars

Rail Webinar Series

Within this series HARTING will introduce system concepts for the most important trends in the railway industry.



You may also register if you do not have time to attend live. You will receive an e-mail after each Web-Seminar with a link to the video recording.


FEBRUARY 10, 2021

Choosing the Right Interfaces for High Speed Data on Trains

The amount of data communication required in rail vehicles is increasing. Passengers want to keep in touch with their families, friends and colleagues by using Wi-Fi. At the same time, passenger information and entertainment systems (PIES) provide data about the route, the weather and offer news, entertainment or advertisements.

In this Web-Seminar you will discover:

  • Solutions for future proofed data transmission in rail vehicles
  • Out of the box high-performance Ethernet cabling (including fiber optics)
  • Outlook into future technologies such as Single Pair Ethernet (SPE)


APRIL 14, 2021

Solutions for Upgrade and Retrofit

High reliability, low operating and maintenance costs, simple error-optimized operation and compliance with current standards and safety standards – these are the characteristics that operators expect when their ageing fleet is overhauled. HARTING connectors and pre-assembled cable assemblies support a time- and thus cost-optimized overhaul of rail vehicles and, due to their modularity, offer optimal conditions for future-oriented retrofitting/expansion.

In this web seminar we will show you:

  • How to optimize operating and maintenance costs by using Plug & Play solutions
  • How you can meet current railway-relevant safety standards
  • How to retrofit or extend data networks to transfer high data rates


May 18, 2021

Energy Efficiency Through Weight Reduction

Manufacturers of railway vehicles continuously try to reduce the energy consumption per passenger-kilometer driven. In addition to increasing capacity utilization and using drives that are more efficient, weight is one of the most important levers in this respect. Compact and lighter connectors as well as weight-reduced cable assemblies can make a measurable contribution. The potential savings seem low compared to the overall weight of a train but they can reach up to a few kilograms per wagon.

In this Web-Seminar you will discover:

  • Connectors providing weight savings up to 10KG per wagon
  • New system solutions to replace distribution boxes and thereby optimize cable routing
  • How future-oriented cabling can contribute to weight reduction
  • How you can save space, for example, with our new Han® HPR Compact connector series


MAY 27, 2021

High-Performance Interfaces for High Currents and Voltages

The energy distribution sector is currently undergoing a very dynamic phase. Existing requirements are changing and new ones are being added. At the same time, power density is increasing and systems must become more efficient. High currents and voltages must be transmitted efficiently and, above all, safely.

In this Web-Seminar you will discover:

  • A completely new system architecture for power distribution in rail vehicles, including an alternative solution for the UIC 552 interface
  • Secure solutions for the transmission of high current and voltage in harsh environments
  • How to set up scalable solutions quickly and easily using well thought out coding
  • How to realize reliable shielded solutions without shrinking or taping