GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® Title Awarded to HARTING-sponsored ID.4 Team

HARTING-sponsored Volkswagen ID.4 EV USA tour team awarded a GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® Title

Elgin, IL —Long-distance driver Rainer Zietlow and photographer Derek Collins have concluded their record setting cross-country road trip in the Volkswagen ID.4 EV as the duo reached their final stop at Volkswagen Group of America headquarters in Herndon, VA.

Upon their arrival at the last stop of the tour, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® announced that the pair were awarded the title for the longest continuous journey by electric vehicle (non-solar) in a single country, bypassing the driven mileage set by the previous record by more than double. “It was great being able to share my experiences with the ID.4 with so many different people, including dealership staff, along the record is not only a testament to the reliability of the ID.4, but also to the actual readiness of the nation’s charging infrastructure.”

Through their support of this tour, HARTING underlined its commitment to sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions.  The company develops robust, reliable, and user friendly EV charging cables and plugs to support the shift to electric vehicles, which are becoming more important for combating climate change.  HARTING and Volkswagen have a long, successful partnership that was celebrated in 2020 when Volkswagen awarded HARTING the Volkswagen Group Award for the category “E-Mobility”.

“We want to congratulate our long-time partner, Volkswagen, for this monumental achievement,” said Jon DeSouza, President and CEO of HARTING Americas, “This tour proved that the goals we have been working towards together – building the infrastructure that will enable EV mass adoption – is here.”

Their journey has been chronicled at, where visitors to the website can view images and a map highlighting the path of the tour.

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