GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS® Achievement Awarded to HARTING-sponsored ID.4 High Altitude Team

HARTING Sponsors VW ID.4 Guinness World Record Climb - Highest Altitude achieved in an Electric Car

La Paz / Elgin, IL May 23 2022 – HARTING sponsored another drive with VW, for whom the company supplies EV charging cables, and professional driver Rainer Zietlow. The goal this time: to climb the highest, still passable road on the volcano Uturuncu in Bolivia using a VW ID.4 GTX, a fully electric vehicle. Zietlow ascended 5,816 meters above sea-level, the maximum altitude of the road, and set a new Guinness World Records title for electric vehicles.

With this Rainer Zietlow has once again proven the endurance of electric cars. With a Volkswagen ID.4 GTX, he and his team of three drove to Bolivia to set their sights on the world's highest, still passable road at the Uturuncu volcano. This road was recently repaired by the Quetena community at the foot of the volcano for tourism. 

"Our goal was to show that electric vehicles are capable of peak performance even at extreme altitudes," says Zietlow. For the route through Argentina and Bolivia, Zietlow used the ENEL X wall box network.  On May 23rd, Rainer Zietlow was presented with  the Guinness World Records Title by a Guinness World Records Representative at the German Embassy in La Paz.

“We are thrilled to once again participate in setting a new record title for electric vehicles,” said Jon DeSouza, President & CEO of HARTING Americas.  “We want to showcase the viability of electric vehicles as a choice in any condition, whether your drive is long in distance or high in altitude, the technology is reliable and here today.”

More information and pictures can be found on the official website of the campaign:

Rainer Zietlow supports the SOS Children's Village in La Paz with his world record drive. 

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