Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) in the USA

What are the Advantages of Single Pair Ethernet?

Development of Single Pair Ethernet cabling solutions for industrial manufacturing markets began in 2015 after seeing the potential in the Automotive sector. This section will outline the reasons why the market began development of Single Pair Ethernet industrial ethernet cable, its advantages over other communication protocols currently in use, and the future of Single Pair Ethernet speeds and distances.


Single Pair Ethernet cable solutions are revolutionizing communication of devices across multiple global markets. This section outlines the abundant applications for Single Pair Ethernet.


Standardization, interoperability, and uniformity is key to enabling manufacturers to jointly develop a complete SPE portfolio of products, including connectors, SPE ethernet cable, and more. This section will outline the products available today, as well as the vision for future partnerships and products.

Single Pair Ethernet Global Standards

Rapid development and deployment are becoming more critical across all market segments. For this reason, global standards organizations like ISO/IEC, IEEE, and TIA are putting global connectivity and cabling standards in place so that manufacturers have quick references and know that these products have already been tested for interoperability across applications.