Reliable Ethernet connection improves security of train travels

Tokyo Monorail Co. Ltd. uses components from HARTING for the Ethernet onboard network of its train series 10000. The connectors made by the manufacturer from Espelkamp ensure e.g. inter-car connections with high transmission quality, which are required for reliable train operation and multilingual passenger information services.

The railway industry is increasingly using Ethernet technology to integrate so far separated systems from different application areas into unified network infrastructures, aiming at coping with the increasing amounts of data. The trend has even accelerated since the International Electrotechnical Commission published the ECN - Ethernet Consist Network - standard in 2014. For example, the Tokyo Monorail 10000 series uses Ethernet connections for transmitting control signals and monitoring data, in addition to providing passenger information via LCD monitors. HARTING has adapted existing Ethernet network components to the special requirements of the Tokyo Monorail on-board network.

TOKYO MONORAIL’s 10000 series train

The Japanese use the digital information exchange system Autonomous Decentralized Train Integrated System (ATI). It brings together information about the external railway infrastructure with on-board measurement and monitoring data for train control. ATI needs a network connecting the whole train. In this case the HARTING Ethernet cable Ha-VIS EtherRail® is used – which has been integrated into a bellows type coupling line.

For outdoor and underfloor applications, the train series uses Han® HPR connectors with protection class IP68 that are suitable for use under extreme conditions; i.e. they are resistant to corrosion, heat and cold, as well as to UV radiation. They also feature excellent EMC characteristics. The Ethernet transmission in the railcar was realised with IP65 / 67 M12 round connectors and Ha-VIS EtherRail® cables. HARTING’s connector solutions bridge the distances between railway cars and/or wagons, ensuring high transmission quality.

Thus, HARTING products contribute to a reliable train operation and support the passenger information system. These services operate on LCD monitors and – in the case of the Tokyo Monorail 10000 series – are available in up to four languages.

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