M12 PushPull Factory Automation

The future PushPull standard for Factory and Automation

The PushPull locking system saves time and simplifies the installation of circular connectors in automation

M12 with PushPull locking mechanism for complete factory automation

Something's happening in the world of M12 circular connectors. Provider of connection technology takes giant steps towards tool-free PushPull locking mechanisms. As part of standardisation work, which HARTING actively advances, the time has arrived for finding adequate general standards for M12 PushPull locking mechanisms. These standards create security of investment for customers and bear out the M12's claim as a recognised standardised interface.

Dr. Metrix and the rescue of the circular connectors

Our new heroine, Dr.Metrix is fast, strong and strikes fear in every time-consuming screwlock. It transforms every conventional M12 into a modular PushPull interface, saving our users valuable time. In the near future, she will be the standard for the M12 PushPull for all Factory Automation. An overall solution for standing and recessed jacks, she is the saviour of automation, modular manufacturing and I4.0.

HARTING's new heroine for circular connectors with PushPull locking.
M12 PushPull for transportation applications

As a technology group in the area of robust connection technology, we established our well-known M12 PushPull solution  on the market a long time ago and have created a statutory standard in the area of transportation in particular. When developing the HARTING M12 PushPull we focused from the very beginning on the transportation market and therefore on robustness.

An adequate fast and tool-free locking mechanism was needed for every conceivable use on rail tracks . Protected to IP65/67, shock-proof and vibration-proof to IEC 61373, EMV protected with a solid metal housing and with DIN EN 45545-2, it is fire safety-compliant as well. The M12 PushPull has now become a common standard on trains. As was seen after the introduction of the M12 PushPull for trains, a fast and simple locking M12 interface is also needed in factory automation. Here however with a modified requirement profile.

M12 PushPull for the wide range of tasks and Data Signal Power lifelines of factory automation

Since the existing M12 PushPull sockets can only be plugged into vertical sockets that protrude out of a device, an additional solution is needed for space-saving sockets that are recessed and flush with device housings. In turn, this solution requires an IN the socket pluggable M12 with a completely new locking mechanism. At the same time, these new sockets must also be able to accommodate normal screw connectors in M12 in backwards-compatible manner. A completely new chapter in terms of design.

Shared success

Since the topics of cooperation, partnering and mutual success are becoming increasingly important, history has taught us and we have recognised the following: charting the course to a solution of this type and with such potential can only be done together. The requests made by automation users and the following joint initiative of all the industry-specific representatives helped us get the ball rolling for the M12 PushPull for factory automation.   HARTING actively advanced the subject of standardisation on the way to a recessed PushPull connector. The result is a M12 PushPull connector which is clearly oriented to the automation market. Characteristics, such as quantity and form factor, play a larger role than the absolute robustness for every conceivable intended purpose on the rail tracks. This requires a different approach: As good and robust as necessary while being as reasonable as possible at the same time.

The end result is IEC 61076-2-010 which provides a solution for both transportation and factory automation thereby creating security of investment and second sources for users. HARTING offers users in factory automation a general system consisting of M12 connectors with a simple and timesaving PushPull locking mechanism. Custom-designed and standardised.

M12 PushPull for factory automation applications
Juxtaposed: Raised socket and recessed socket for the requirements of factory automation