Automatisation des usines avec M12 PushPull

La future norme PushPull pour les usines et l'automatisation

Le système de verrouillage PushPull permet de gagner du temps et simplifie l'installation de connecteurs circulaires dans les systèmes automatisés

M12 avec mécanisme de verrouillage PushPull pour une automatisation complète des usines

Time saving

The PushPull locking system offers a high time saving of approximately 80 percent when connecting the automation components, as screwing is no longer necessary. Calculated over the course of a year, this means that enormous savings potentials can be realised during assembly.


Due to the improved handling, device ports can be arranged more compactly, which corresponds to the desire for miniaturisation and economical cabling.

Safe handling

In addition to saving time, there is no need to check the correct tightening torque of the lock using a torque spanner. The user receives an acoustic feedback that audibly indicates the correct locking - a simple, fast and safe locking.

Backwards compatible

New device sockets with PushPull contour according to IEC 61076-2-010 enable the use of familiar M12 connectors with screw locking or also with PushPull locking. This means that devices can be designed to be backwards compatible.


IP65/67 protected, shock and vibration proof according to IEC 61373.

Well shielded

EMC protected with a full metal housing.

Dr Metrix et le sauvetage des connecteurs circulaires

Notre nouveau héro, le Dr Metrix est rapide, puissant et fait naître la peur dans tous les verrouillages chronophage à vis. Il transforme tous les M12 conventionnels en des interfaces PushPull modulaires permettant à nos utilisateurs de gagner un temps précieux. Dans un avenir proche, celui-ci équipera par défaut les connecteurs M12 PushPull pour toutes les usines et l'automatisation. En tant que solution globale pour les connecteurs mâles, en creux et en relief, le système est le sauveur de l'automatisation, de la fabrication modulaire et de l'I4.0.

Le nouveau héros de HARTING pour les connecteurs circulaires avec verrouillage PushPull.
M12 PushPull pour applications dans les transports

En tant que groupe technologique intervenant dans le domaine des technologies de raccordement robustes, nous avons établi notre solution réputée  M12 PushPull sur le marché il y a longtemps, créant une norme incontournable, notamment dans le domaine des transports. En développant le HARTING M12 PushPull, nous nous sommes concentrés, dés le départ, sur le marché des transports et, ainsi, sur la robustesse.

One standard for all applications

IEC 61076-2-010 describes both internal and external locking by means of push-pull. It contains all variants that are used for a universal system solution in the field of automation technology. The PushPull standard references the IEC 61076-2-1XX basic standards and thus represents a coordinated supplement.

The device connectors are designed rotationally symmetrical just like the proven M12 standard, which means that the push-pull mechanism of the device port does not have to be aligned with the coding of the M12 contact carrier. This gives the device manufacturer a high degree of freedom to design the cable outlets of the ports simply and, above all, economically.

The M12 basic standards and the push-pull standard -010 are also consistent with regard to design-in requirements. This means that a conventional M12 port with a standard thread can be replaced with a port with push-pull functionality - without any constructive intervention in the device design - and this can even be done retroactively for existing device concepts.
Push-pull locking elements can be made of plastic or metal. Overall, the system offers a lot of freedom for device developers in automation. Device manufacturers offer their customers considerable added value by using PushPull quick-locking devices.