IP protection (contact protection, dust, water)

The connector’s housing, sealing and locking mechanism protect the connection from external influences such as mechanical shocks, foreign bodies, humidity, dust, water or other fluids such as cleansing and cooling agents, oils, etc. The degree of protection the housing offers is explained in the IEC 60 529, DIN EN 60 529, standards that categorize enclosures according to foreign body and water protection. The following table shows the different degrees of protection.

First Index Figure (Foreign bodies protection)

Second Index Figure (Water protection)

No protection (No protection against accidental contact, no protection against solid foreign bodies)
No protection against water
Protection against large foreign bodies (Ø > 50 mm), Protection against contact with any large area by hand
Drip-proof (Protection against vertical water drips)
Protection against medium sized foreign bodies (Ø > 12 mm), Protection against contact with the fingers
Drip-proof (up to a 15° angle)
Protection against small solid foreign bodies (Ø > 2.5 mm), Protection against tools, wires or similar objects with Ø > 2.5 mm
Spray-proof (Protection against diagonal water drips (up to a 60° angle))
Protection against grain-shaped foreign bodies (As 3 however Ø > 1 mm)
Splash-proof (Protection against splashed water from all directions)
Protection against injurious deposits of dust (Full protection against contact, Protection against interior injurious dust deposits)
Hose-proof (Protection against water - out of a nozzle - from all directions)
Protection against ingress of dust (Total protection against contact. Protection against penetration of dust)
Strong hose-proof (Protection against strong water - out of a nozzle - from all directions)


Protected against temporary immersion


Protected against water pressure


Protected against water from high-pressure / steam jet cleaners

Description according to IEC 60529, IPX9K acc. to ISO 20653

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