Higher, faster, further: our sporting commitment

The HARTING Technology Group has had a close relationship to sports for decades; our various commitments range from youth development to top-class sport.

As one of the leading employers in Minden-Lübbecke, we are actively involved in sports – both within and outside of our region. These commitments along with our broad dedication to cultural affairs are important to us. We encourage sporting activities – from small sports club to German Bundesliga handball teams – because they promote team spirit and a healthy lifestyle.

Handball enthusiasts at HARTING

For many years, we have been the main sponsor of the Bundesliga handball team GWD Minden and their youth activities. We have also recently started sponsoring the German Handball Federation (DHB)

GWD Minden

At our location in Minden, we are the sponsor of the Bundesliga team GWD Minden: this includes the main club TSV GWD Minden with its youth teams as well as the GWD Minden Handball Bundesliga GmbH & Co. KG.

As Philip Harting stated, "Our commitment, as shareholder and long-term sponsor, is a clear sign of our dedication to this club and to the region."

photo Angela Metge (GWD)

German Handball Federation

In addition to sponsoring GWD Minden, the HARTING Technology Group is also a premium partner with the German Handball Federation (DHB). Our logo was placed on the players' pants during the 2018 European Championship in Croatia, which was a real eye-catcher! The World Cup in 2019 and 2021 and the European Cup in 2020 were also special events for HARTING. We want to continue along our shared path with the German Handball Federation, accompany the men's national team on their way to the European Handball Championship in 2024 in Germany, and provide sustained support for the DHB's young talent.

"50 Years and 50 Projects Supporting Sports"

Our CEO Philip Harting and his father Dietmar are sponsors and active supporters of the campaign "50 Years and 50 Projects Supporting Sports", which was launched on the 50th anniversary of the Deutsche Sporthilfe Foundation with a reception at the Federal Chancellery. This initiative implements projects outside the regular funding budget. 

The Deutsche Sporthilfe Foundation presents the sponsors of the campaign "50 Years / 50 Projects" – among them Philip Harting (center of 2nd row).

Game, set, victory!

At HARTING, "establishing connections" is in our DNA, so it wasn't difficult for us to connect regional sporting highlights. In Halle, we've found a partner who offers various events as well as the NOVENTI OPEN, a top-class international tennis tournament. This premier event attracts not only sport fans, but also entire families.

HARTING is the official technology partner of the NOVENTI OPEN.

The HARTING Technology Group has several technical solutions which are being used at the international tennis tournament. In 2017, we equipped the referee chair with our Han-Eco® connector system. The advantages of this solution include versatile usage on various courts and its quick assembly/disassembly (in the event of rain). The connectors are connected directly to the referee's laptop to ensure that quick decisions can be made.

The stadium's roof control system also relies on HARTING connectors. This enables the roof to be opened or closed very quickly.

The entire lighting and sound technology at the Event Center (which is used for pop/rock concerts and musicals) also depends on HARTING products.