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Miniaturization of Connectors Allows More in Less Space

What is Miniaturization at the Connector Level?

The modern world is driven by data. Everyone carries the internet in their pocket, connected, even wirelessly, to data. Many devices are connected and communicate with other devices or the internet. In the connectivity industry, data is being used to connect machines to produce data that can be used to create powerful insights that will drive smarter, faster and better business decisions. In general, the trend is to do more, in the same or smaller footprint while providing fast, reliable connections. For example, cell phones have more functionality but are getting slimmer. This is only possible because of smart design and components that can do more with less space.

How does Miniaturization of Connectors Impact Industrial Connectivity?

  • Smaller versions of standard connectors (mini connectors) are available because the standard footprint is no longer ideal. 
  • Connectors that allow the combination of multiple connection types into one connector. 
  • Component shapes that efficiently utilize panel or device space.
  • Features that are more integrated, such as internal locking mechanisms that make connectors more space efficient

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