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Modularization Makes Flexibility Easy

What are the trends in Modularization?

Modularization refers to flexibility, the ability of an object to change or be modified quickly and easily. In manufacturing modular production floors, production floors that change completely depending on a specific job, are common. Modular robots that are moved daily or hourly now make up a significant workforce on the production line.

The building blocks of modularization is easy customization. A robot moving for a specific job, a manufacturing floor changing daily or weekly depending on the job, and even the ability to quickly customize components within standard lead times are expected within the idea of modularization.

In all of these instances, connectors are a key component that enables modularization. Hardwiring would make modular robots or production floors nearly impossible, very impractical and extremely expensive. Even at the component level, easily customizable, hybrid connectors that use standard parts are playing a key role in enabling modularization.

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