Han® 1A

Nowy standard dla kompaktowych, uniwersalnych złączy przemysłowych

Han® 1A: Kompaktowe, trwałe i efektywne kosztowo złącze dla kontrolerów, małych napędów, szaf sterowniczych.

Increased miniaturisation in the machine/facility construction sector is also occurring in harsher industrial environments. Compact and versatile – yet still robust – industrial connectors are in demand.

For the first time, HARTING's Han® 1A offers a compact, affordable power connector, which can be used for controllers, small drives and control cabinets, and can also be installed in the field.

Bis zu 30 % Platzersparnis: Größenvergleich Han® 1A im Vergleich zur nächstgrößeren Baureihe Han® 3A

Der neue Industrie-Steckverbinder besteht aus Hochleistungskunststoff, ist leicht und beansprucht nur wenig Bauraum, da er wesentlich kleinere Dimensionen aufweist als der nächstgrößere Rechteck-Steckverbinder, der Han® 3A.

Suitable for a wide variety of applications (IP20/IP65)

In the field of machinery construction, the Han® 1A is used to connect tools and modules efficiently, including heating or cooling units, fans, control terminals, lighting systems, drives and vibration conveyors.

It is suitable for IP20 connections in control cabinets as well as for outdoor requirements, because it achieves IP65 protection in the locked position.

Modular construction

Der Han® 1A ist ein kompakter und sehr robuster Rechteck-Steckverbinder, der mit bis zu zwölf Kontakten Daten, Signale und Leistung übertragen kann.

Aufgrund seiner Modularität und einer Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Einsätze eignet er sich insbesondere für Bereiche, in denen viele kleine Antriebe, Sensoren und Geräte versorgt werden müssen.

Ein klar strukturiertes und auf wenigen Basiselementen beruhendes Steckverbinder-System erleichtert den Material-Nachschub.

Eine Steckverbindung besteht aus maximal 12 unterschiedlichen Artikeln. Han® 1A bietet folglich ein Maximum an Möglichkeiten bei minimaler Vorratshaltung.

Experience the Han® 1A

Easy to install

The Han® 1A is a rectangular alternative to circular connectors which is robust and easy to install. It is ideally suited for connecting devices on the periphery of production facilities, as well as for supplying tools and smaller machine modules. Its Snap-In technology eliminates the need for a time-consuming screw connection.

Even if several connectors of the same format are installed in parallel, there is no danger of confusion. With its coloured coding clips, the user can only plug-in the matching connector sides.

What our customers say:

We are using HARTING components a long time and in many of our products. In particular, we rely on them because of their high service and product quality, reliability and HARTING stand out due to shortened response times when it comes to technical support.

Cosimo Pierri
Technical Database Line Manager, SITAEL S.p.A.

I am from Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. Our company is the biggest supplier of metal-cutting machine in China, which is our core business. We have been cooperating with HARTING for a long time and we are very happy with HARTING’s products, quality and after sales service. We look forward to our comprehensive and long-term cooperation in the future. We aim at providing better service to our customers.

Dong Zhang
Product Manager, Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd

I am from Xi’an XD Switchgear Electric Co., Ltd, which is the subsidiary of China XD Group Corporation. Our company manufactures, develops and produces high voltage GIS. At the moment, XD Switchgear has 3,000 employees. HARTING provides efficient products and solutions for us during our cooperation. I am extremely grateful to HARTING. I look forward to our comprehensive partnership in the future.

Maoyuan Tian
General Manager, Xi’an XD Switchgear Electric Co., Ltd

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