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Okablowanie HARTING dla Siemens Automation

Jako Siemens solution partner, HARTING oferuje rozwiązania tworzone pod indywidualne potrzeby Siemens Automation oraz napędów.

HARTING has a long-standing partnership with Siemens and has developed numerous tailor-made solutions for connecting Siemens products in various sectors. Typical applications for products from the Siemens solutions partnership include baggage handling systems, package distribution systems or production lines in the automotive industry.

By taking advantage of close cooperation, qualification, certification and an intensive transfer of expertise, we are able to offer supplementary products for the entire value chain – ranging from standard products to finished solutions in one facility.

For the automation sector, HARTING offers a large portfolio of cable assemblies and cable solutions that connect Siemens products. These products include solutions for power distribution and power connections between devices, as well as a comprehensive selection of shielded cables for connecting motors.

HARTING Portfolio für dezentrale Antriebssysteme:

  • Motor-Anschlussleitung
  • Energie-Einspeiseleitung
  • Daisy Chain Y-Verteiler
  • Steckersätze
  • 7/8" DC Versorgungsleitung
  • M12 I/O-Kabel
  • AIDA Stecksysteme
  • Profibus / Profinet
  • Schaltbare Energieeinspeisung
  • Werkzeuge

NetCalc software

Energy bus simulation for planning electrical structures

  • Dimensioning of cable lengths and cable cross-sections
  • Load can be selected (single-phase and three-phase, motor loads)
  • Selection and dimensioning of protective devices (including group protection)